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Re: Mac flirts with 10 per cent web share---Windows on the wane

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____/ Mart van de Wege on Monday 02 February 2009 21:46 : \____

> "nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> <Quote>
>> Web-use statistics prove that the Mac continues to gain market share
>> from Windows-based PCs.
>> According to Web analyst outfit Net Applications, Mac-run browsers
>> accounted for nearly 10 per cent of all web hits in January, coming in
>> at 9.93 per cent. That's an increase of 0.3 per centage points from
>> December...
> Nah.
> That's that same hitslink.com that keeps making the rounds. Unless
> they disclose more of their methodology, their statistics should be
> considered bunk.
> Mart

IDG (of IDC Microsoft corruption) keeps linking to this to give it credibility.
It doesn't measure traffic (it measures referrals) and it doesn't apply this
to a proper population. The sites it uses are kept secret.

Learn about Net Applications here:


IDG is again out with an anti-"migration to Linux" message <
http://computerworld.co.nz/news.nsf/mgmt/E5A0EBD87A21DB5DCC25754E001636A3 >

See Comes for details re: IDC-Microsoft corruption. IDC is the parent company
of IDG.

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