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[News] GNOME Delivers Version 3.0 Teasers, GNOME Mobile Plans

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Gnome 3.0/Interfaces in general

,----[ Quote ]
| Across the various planets, there seems to have been quite a lot of 
| discussion about interfaces and how Gnome 3.0 should proceed. I think the 
| most interesting of all these posts has been this one from Alberto Ruiz where 
| he linked to this talk given by Aza Raskin. While I know very little about 
| interface design and human computer interaction, it seems to me that many of 
| his suggestions make a lot of sense and could help to tackle some of the 
| problems people have with their computing experiences. I’m going to share 
| some of my thoughts on this here, take it or leave it, but I at least hope 
| those who are working on Gnome 3.0 interfaces will give some thought to Aza 
| and his father’s work.         


Gnome 3.0/Interfaces in general part 2


GNOME Mobile: bringing the desktop and the internet together

,----[ Quote ]
| GNOME is working on it. Partially with GNOME Mobile and partially with GNOME 
| 3.0. 



What do I do as Executive Director of GNOME?

,----[ Quote ]
| I get asked a lot what I do, exactly, as executive director of the GNOME
| Foundation.
| First off, I want to say I'm really glad I work for an organization where
| people feel comfortable asking "what do you do?" It shows they care about the
| organization and are not afraid to ask tough questions. Have you ever asked
| your boss what they did, exactly?


Interview with Paul Cooper - GNOME Mobile

,----[ Quote ]
| In this interview we talk with Paul. In specific, we talk about:
|     * Getting started with the GNOME project
|     * Devices targeted by GNOME Mobile
|     * Differences between GNOME and GNOME Mobile
|     * Establishing a design approach for meeting the needs of users and
|       devices
|     * The potential for virtualization on mobile devices
|     * The relationship between GNOME and providing kernel and hardware
|       support


New Volume Control Interface For GNOME

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the items being worked on by Red Hat for Fedora 11 is making the GNOME
| volume control and sound preferences area more intuitive and easier to use.
| With Fedora and most other distributions now using PulseAudio, they are
| beginning to take advantage of some of the features available through this
| sound server. Some of this work involves reworking the user interface for
| controlling GNOME Sound Preferences, which we are providing a glimpse of in
| this article. Among other benefits, there is finally the ability to adjust
| the volume level on a per-application basis.


GNOME Foundation: Friends of GNOME Program is Live!

,----[ Quote ]
| The Friends of GNOME website is live! The Friends of GNOME program is a way
| for individuals to help the GNOME Foundation to pursue 2009 goals.


GNOME's Stormy Peters on the Most Important Desktop Issue

,----[ Quote ]
| The GNOME Foundation executive director, Stormy Peters, recently wrote a bit
| about why the focus on "the KDE versus GNOME" debate is not the real issue.
| Many commenters on her post agree (while others actively demonstrate) that it
| is counterproductive.

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