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Re: KDE 4.2 (Final) Runs Great on Sub-notebooks

nrballard@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Feb 1, 10:00 pm, "DFS" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Vista doesn't run on sub-notebooks.
The "advocate" lies never stop.  Vista runs much better than Linux on this
guy's netbook:

"Just for grins and giggles, I went to Vlite, created my own version of

GUESS WHAT? It ain't Vista anymore!

and installed it. No problems whatsover! The lag is gone (except for
updates from MS

Load of tosh, since the install probably wouldn't pass WGA since (I'm also assuming) the blogger didn't just waste a legit license number hence an online activation just so he could get NT "sort of" running on something that clearly wasn't designed for it. Think of a tractor engine in a Reliant Robin. You might have to snip bits off, and in the end you're gonna have something that explodes when you turn the key. Or at the very least, won't have the PWR to move /itself/ never mind any passengers.

), and it runs way better than Xandros and XP. Used almost
exactly 1/2 of the drive, but no problem as I use an external DVDRW and
large usb thumbdrives for storage. Otherwise I was shocked that Vista ran so

IOW, this guy was able to remove a significant number of "features"
from the Vista installer...probably violating the Vista EULA in the
process.  His own hacked version of Vista supposedly ran faster than
Linux and XP.

How many average users are going to take the time to remaster Vista?
How many would even know that such a thing is possible, not to mention
legal?  It almost seems more practical to experiment with another
Linux distribution than to try to hack Vista to run on a netbook...

 ASUS Eee PC 900 16G - Pearl White NetBook Intel processor 8.9" Wide SVGA
1GB Memory 16GB SSD Integrated Graphics


I can think of a name for this new flavour of Netbook Vista:


There's no fucking way vanilla Vista will run on an EeePC 900, and especially not one which has BARELY enough space on the SSD to even perform an install. Oh wait, switch out the SSD for a hard drive. That's better. Oh bollocks, it ain't a netbook anymore, it's a freakin' UMPC!

Microsoft: what do you want to shoehorn today?

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