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[News] Linux Enriched Further: 3 Reports

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XRandR Gets Support For RandR 1.3 Features

,----[ Quote ]
| RandR 1.3 has come together for the X Server 1.6 release with namely new 
| properties and panning support. Besides this update to the Resize and Rotate 
| extension for the X.Org Server, xrandr, the command-line utility for 
| controlling RandR-capable drivers/hardware, has been receiving improvements 
| as well.    


Kernel Log: What's new in 2.6.29 - Part 4: ACPI, PCI, PM – notebooks and power
saving improvements

,----[ Quote ]
| Following a one-week pause due to the LCA 2009, Linus Torvalds restarted the 
| integration of patches into the development branch a few days ago, and has 
| now released the third pre-release version of 2.6.29. In his release email, 
| Torvalds points out a few changes made to improve the reliability of the 
| system: suspend modes – changes that allow one of his notebooks to wake up 
| reliably from power-saving mode. Our "What's new in 2.6.29" Kernel Log takes 
| this opportunity to discuss the changes that concern ACPI, PCI, power 
| management and the corresponding notebook drivers expected for 2.6.29.       


Kernel Log: New stable kernels, AMD 3D documentation and Mesa 7.3 released

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the last two weeks, the kernel developers have released versions 
|, and of the stable kernel and at the weekend 
| they added versions and All of these versions incorporate 
| corrections and minor improvements, including a whole set of patches, 
| contributed by IBM's Heiko Carstens, to eliminate a security vulnerability 
| listed as CVE-2009-0029 that is said to affect only S390, PowerPC, SPARC64 
| and MIPS architectures. A little earlier, Torvalds accepted similar changes 
| (1, 2 and 3) into the main development tree.       


"I’d be glad to help tilt lotus into into the death spiral. I could do it
Friday afternoon but not Saturday. I could do it pretty much any time the
following week."
                                --Brad Silverberg, Microsoft


Linux 2.6.28-rc9

,----[ Quote ]
| And btw, I do think that I'll make 2.6.28 be a Christmas release (or
| Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Insert-Favorite-Holiday, whatever). Because
| quite frankly, this kind of boredom won't help anything and I'll go stir
| crazy if I have to do this for another two weeks.
| And I'll make the merge window longer for people who prefer getting drunk
| on glögg to being a useful kernel developer. Although you could do both:
| just prepare your tree to be pulled before christmas, and then you can be
| in a mulled-wine-induced stupor while _also_ feeling like a productive
| member of society during the holidays.


Kernel Log: What's coming in 2.6.28 - Part 9: Fastboot and other remainders

,----[ Quote ]
| The previous eight parts of the kernel log's "What's coming in 2.6.28" series
| discussed some of the most important changes to the Linux kernel incorporated
| with 2.6.28. Quite a few of the commits for the main development branch,
| however, don't really belong to any of the topics discussed in the series so
| far and as a result, haven't yet been mentioned. In other cases, the kernel
| developers have made minor, but significant changes to some kernel areas,
| after we had covered them.


Kernel Log: What's coming in 2.6.28 - Part 4: Improved graphics support

,----[ Quote ]
| Two collections of patches (1, 2) proposed by the maintainer of the Direct
| Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) have incorporated numerous graphics hardware
| support improvements into the main development branch. This is the
| development branch which will produce Linux version 2.6.28 at the end of this
| year or at the beginning of next year.


Kernel Log: New Atheros WLAN drivers and stable kernels, radeon vs. radeonhd

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Wi-Fi specialist and developer Luis R. Rodriguez, who has worked for
| Atheros for several months now, has announced the release of the Otus driver
| under the ISC open source licence. This driver for Atheros UB81, UB82 and
| UB83 802.11n USB Wi-Fi chips has been released to have it integrated into the
| main development branch of Linux as soon as possible. That this approach can
| work very well was already demonstrated by ath9k. The kernel hackers
| integrated it into the main development branch that recently produced Linux
| 2.6.27 only a few weeks after its release in July. As the next versions of
| Fedora, OpenSuse and Ubuntu will come with this kernel version, all three
| will also include ath9k.


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