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[News] Linux Kernel Space Gets More Windows Compatibility

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Linux Support For Microsoft's exFAT File-System

,----[ Quote ]
| Introduced in Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and then last week as a Windows XP 
| update was exFAT. exFAT, or the Extended File Allocation Table, is 
| Microsoft's new file-system for use on mobile devices like large USB flash 
| drives. exFAT addresses the file-size and partition size limitations of 
| Microsoft's FAT32 file-system and brings other improvements to the table as 
| well, albeit it's proprietary. No read or write support for exFAT has yet to 
| enter the mainline Linux kernel, but a set of read-only patches have emerged.       



Communicating With the Other Half: NTFS Support in Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Unfortunately, Microsoft has kept many of the internal details of NTFS 
| secret, and the filesystem has changed with each new version of Windows. The 
| secrecy makes it difficult for third parties, and particularly for open 
| source developers, to write reliable NTFS drivers. In the case of a file 
| system, an unreliable driver can translate into lost data, so NTFS support 
| (particularly read/write NTFS support) has been slow in coming to Linux.     
| Fortunately, this picture is beginning to change, with several NTFS drivers 
| now available for Linux. These drivers enable you to read from, and even to 
| write to, NTFS partitions, including removable media formatted with NTFS. If 
| you dual-boot between Linux and Windows, this will enable you to eliminate 
| any FAT partition you might otherwise use for data exchange. Even if you 
| don’t let Windows near your hard disks, NTFS support will enable you to read 
| removable disks that others have formatted with NTFS.      

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