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[News] GNU/Linux Now Used in Desktops of H & R Block

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H & R Block Works with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| We have used Linux based operating systems exclusively since 2001. Being able 
| to do our taxes Online for free or for a nominal fee has always been our 
| preferred way to get it done. We used to use Turbo Tax with the Mozilla 
| browser until last year where we found that when they say it does not work 
| with our operating system it really didn't. Even after changing the browser 
| identity information. Simply put they don't want my business. OK. We get the 
| hint we will just move along now.      



A Year of Linux: January 22: Crashing at Linux’s Place!

,----[ Quote ]
| Being absolutely terrified by this course of action I check out what other
| advice is available. Someone else mentions that they got Java working with
| Firefox by downloading a file-package from the Synaptic application after
| they installed the Java Runtime, so I go for it too.


Remote Desktop Between Ubuntu/Linux and Windows, Part I

,----[ Quote ]
| Do you use both Windows and Linux? Wish you could remote into Windows from
| Linux (Ubuntu or other distributions) or into Linux from Windows? Well, you
| can. Just like when using a Remote Desktop Connection between Microsoft
| platforms (or remoting between Linux machines), you can bring up the desktop
| of the other platform. You can click around the desktop and run applications
| just as if you were sitting in front of the computer.

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