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Re: What does Donald Knuth and Microsoft have in common?

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____/ Terry Porter on Sunday 01 February 2009 08:42 : \____

> Greg Cox wrote:
>> In article <1245799.bFTa6HHdk7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>> You should know, Greg. You used to work for Microsoft and now you attend
>>> a Linux newsgroup where you defend Microsoft.
> Hi Greg :)
>> Yes, I did work for Microsoft.  I was there eighteen years.  And I left
>> almost ten years ago.  So what?  Oh, now I understand.  I stated
>> accurate facts that don't mesh with your view of the world 100% so I
>> must be defending Microsoft.  That's really sad that your world is
>> limited to just "them" and "us".
> Why is it sad ?
> The Linux world, especially in COLA is most definitely limited to Microsoft
> v/s GNU/Linux, it's "them" or "us".
> You have read the Comes vs Microsoft stuff havent you ?
> It's quite damning for Microsoft and does highlight their fear of and
> attacks against Linux.
> Microsoft are doing everything they can to destroy Linux, you have to expect
> a little Linux Advocate ill will I think ?

It makes you wonder how many of the "Linux suxes" and "George Barcas" are also
former/existing Microsoft employees (from the days of some of the worst

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