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[News] Free Software Can Save Failing Markets/Products

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Can open source save the debt market?

,----[ Quote ]
| Will this release actually help unwind the market and return some order to 
| the debt market? Or is this just J.P. Morgan throwing some bad code over the 
| side and hoping for a pat-on-the-back at a time when its credibility is near 
| zero?   


Open source is in IT, but what about ET?

,----[ Quote ]
| Friedman cites open source software as one of his ‘flatteners,’ a factor or 
| impact that will work to level the competitive playing field on a global 
| basis. Friedman demonstrates a decent understanding of open source, but I 
| wonder what the role and impact of open source practices and strategies of 
| sharing and openness will be within the emergent energy technology industry.    
| Free and open source software has certainly had a far-reaching and deep 
| impact on enterprise software development and business and arguably on the IT 
| industry as a whole. Will any of the entrants into ET see the potential to 
| take this tool of development and distribution to help spread the next best 
| forms of power generation, distribution and use?     



Move over PC and Mac; it's time for "I'm Linux"

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ads have gone viral, and are well known around the world,
| even in countries where they have never aired on television.
| It’s a slick marketing strategy that certainly troubled the Redmond
| juggernaut, who spent a whopping $10m to hire the star – Jerry Seinfeld –
| alone. If you’re a Windows user, consider where your licensing fees are
| going!
| Of course, one notable operating system has been absent from these
| comparisons and productions – until now!
| The Linux Foundation think, and rightly so, that a Linux advertisement is
| overdue. They’ve taken on the challenge to bring it to life.

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