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[News] Addons for Free Software/Open Source Firefox Browser

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Firefox Add-Ons: Addictive Browsing Enhancers

,----[ Quote ]
| If there is one Web addiction that I have not been able to tame, it's 
| collecting add-ons for Firefox. I currently have 43 add-ons actively running 
| in my browser, and I have an additional two that I use in Thunderbird.  
| As a staple of the Web experience, browsers have come a long way. When 
| Firefox began allowing developers to create add-on applications, browser 
| usability was greatly improved.   


LimeWire also worth a mention:

LimeWire Creator Brings Open-Source Approach to Urban Planning

,----[ Quote ]
| Entrepreneur Mark Gorton wants to do for people what he already helped do for 
| files: move them from here to there in the most efficient way possible using 
| open-source tools.  



Firefox 3.1: Thanks For The Memory!

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox 3.1 is currently in its second beta release, and it already looks
| great. In fact, it looks set to deliver a lot more than one might expect from
| a typical "minor" software-update release.
| InaTux.com recently posted a good summary of some frequently-overlooked new
| features coming in Firefox 3.1. One of the most important of these
| under-the-hood tweaks will streamline Firefox's memory usage, allowing it to
| run faster and far more efficiently.
| Firefox 3.0 already delivered major improvements in memory usage; most
| notably, it fixed a number of persistent, and often very annoying,
| memory-leak bugs. This time around, the changes in Firefox 3.1 will focus on
| the browser's normal memory usage, which according to this December, 2008
| blog post already requires just two-thirds of the RAM that Firefox 3.0
| requires for normal Web-browsing operations.



Ten years of Mozilla

,----[ Quote ]
| Ten years ago, Netscape announced it would release to the public the code of
| its flag ship product, Netscape Communicator 5, making it an open source
| product. The action came at a time when Netscape was still the dominant web
| browser: 65 million users and 90% market share in the educational segment
| according to Netscape’s own accounts. But Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was
| grabbing share at a furious pace thanks to it being free (at a time Netscape
| was about$30) and specially the fact that it came bundled with Windows 95 and
| upcoming Windows 98 (released on June 1998).      


Gates deposition videos

,----[ Quote ]
| Boies: Do you remember that in January, 1996, a lot of OEMs were
| bundling non-Microsoft browsers?
| Gates: I'm not sure.
| Boies: What were the non-Microsoft browsers that you were
| concerned about in January of 1996?
| Gates: What's the question? You're trying to get me to recall
| what other browsers I was thinking about when I wrote that sentence?
| Boies: No, because you've told me that you don't know what you
| were thinking about when you wrote that sentence.
| Gates: Right.
| Boies: What I'm trying to do is get you to tell me what
| non-Microsoft browsers you were concerned about in January of
| 1996. If it had been only one, I probably would have used the
| name of it. Instead I seem to be using the term non-Microsoft
| browsers. My question is what non-Microsoft browsers were you
| concerned about in January of 1996?
| Gates: I'm sure -- what's the question? Is it -- are you asking
| me about when I wrote this e-mail or what are you asking me about?
| Boies: I'm asking you about January of 1996.
| Gates: That month?
| Boies: Yes, sir.
| Gates: And what about it?
| Boies: What non-Microsoft browsers were you concerned about in
| January of 1996?
| Gates: I don't know what you mean "concerned."
| Boies: What is it about the word "concerned" that you don't
| understand?
| Gates: I'm not sure what you mean by it.


Gates Deposition Audio and Video

,----[ Quote ]
| Here is our local copy of the depositions of Bill Gates in the
| Microsoft anti-trust suit. We did our best to convert the
| original Windows Media files into an Open format, ogg. Your
| webmaster is responsible for the video transcoding, the
| audio-only files are contributed by a Groklaw member that
| requested to stay anonymous.

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