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Re: The Mac malware myth ..

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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____/ Sermo Malifer on Friday 30 January 2009 19:37 : \____

Doug Mentohl wrote:
This is like warning the population of the threat of a global pandemic
outbreak based on press releases issued by a homeopathic group concerned
that isolated reports of individuals hitting themselves with a hammer
might portend a greater public health crisis, unless more people coat
themselves with 30x ferrum phos obtained from one of their practitioners ..

Read what I quoted below, and show how the above quote follows from it.

If RoughlyDrafted posted an article claiming the sky is blue, I wouldn't
believe it until I looked for myself.

It's pretty decent actually. The Turfers from Microsoft sling mud at it because
of the message.

Be that as it may, I didn't find it to be "decent" at all.

"For more than a half decade, the Windows-enraptured tech media has been banging on a drum about the imminent arrival of Mac viruses. As proof of this coming wave, they always cite researchers employed by anti-virus vendors who recount vulnerabilities found in Mac OS X or occasionally trojan horse malware designed to dupe Mac users into manually installing software that intentionally causes problems."

This is hardly "people hitting themselves with hammers." These are the same experts that are supposed to be believed when they warn about Windows vulnerabilities.

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