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Re: MS lying again about IE security

Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
After takin' a swig o' grog, Peter Köhlmann belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

Microsofts Security Evangelist Jeff Jones was caught providing doctored statistics about IE and Firefox, claiming IE was *better*

Here is the breakdown of what really is the issue


   Jones, however, does not respond to the more disturbing part of my
   research, which found that there were at least 98 days in 2006 in which
   no software fixes from Microsoft were available to fix IE flaws that
   criminals were actively using to steal personal and financial data from

98 days.  Active use of the exploits.

What evidence, beyond the word of the author, was presented to support that?

   While my research indeed showed that there was a period of nine days
   during that year in which exploit code for a critical or high-severity
   flaw in Firefox was available online, there were no indications I could
   find that hackers were taking advantage of that flaw to attack Firefox

9 days.  No evidence of usage of the exploits.

If we accept the author's inability to find evidence as proof there is none to be found.

Microsoft slopware?  Nah.  More like "Microsoft lawsuit-ware".

What would be the basis of your lawsuit?

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