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Re: [News] Tips of Mitigating Migration Barriers to GNU/Linux

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____/ Matt on Thursday 29 January 2009 22:36 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Amarok hardly runs on anything but GNU/Linux (properly) and it is very
>> popular.
> I think you're thinking of the other thread.
> But Amarok is on a cross-platform trajectory.  The project has been
> declared cross-platform by its managers and can be expected to run well
> on everything someday.  That is a reason why it would attract a general
> team of developers---they are promised a target that is say fifty times
> as big---namely all the machines that run Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or the
> BSDs---the whole tamale so to speak---not just Linux.  And they are
> offered a chance to help sever the cruel sinews that bind men's hands to
> Windows-controlled keyboards.
>> How about the many gnu programs that run on hundreds of millions (maybe
>> billions) of devices?
> Sorry, not sure what you mean by devices.  Of course cross-platform
> doesn't come up in regard to microwave ovens.  Are you thinking of
> Windows Mobile on MIDs or smartphones or something?
> Maybe you could fill in some details in your question.

Actually, desktop CPUs only account for about 2% of the CPU market. Go ahead
and explore from there.

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