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[News] [Rival] Ubuntu Derivative Takes Out the Brown

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CrunchBang is a Speedy, Dark-Themed Linux Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| CrunchBang, an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that sports a snappy, low-drag 
| interface and is perfect for thumb drives, live CDs, or speed-obsessed Linux 
| fans. Check out how it looks and runs in our screenshot tour.  
| Getting started is pretty simple. Head to CrunchBang's main site, find the 
| Download section, and grab the main ISO file (from BitTorrent or directly). 
| You can burn it to CD/DVD, load it as a virtual system in VirtualBox/VMWare, 
| or install it on a flash drive with UNetbootin. Put your CD or USB drive into 
| your system, or boot your virtualization tool, and hit Enter at the boot 
| prompt to load the live session of CrunchBang.     



Linux Distro Review - #! CrunchBang 8.10

,----[ Quote ]
| #!CrunchBang is a very interesting operating system, suitable for all those
| who want to easily install a Linux system, but they do not want to spend time
| with frills graphics. Definitely a "substantial" Linux distro!
| Once installed, CrunchBang is a system with a surprisingly fastness.
| Applications instantly run and the system isn't stressed by heavy apps like
| movie player or music player or graphical editors.
| This operating system is very suitable for those thet want to rescue an old
| computer, but still be modern and up to date.


It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Super Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| We are pleased to announce yet another Ubuntu-based Linux
| distribution, this time... with "super powers," called
| Super Ubuntu. The "super powers" of Super Ubuntu can be
| translated into the inclusion of applications, tools and
| technologies that are missing from a standard Ubuntu 8.10
| (Intrepid Ibex) installation. Among the applications
| included in Super Ubuntu 2008.11 we can notice the powerful
| and ever-popular OpenOffice.org 3.0 open source office
| suite with support for Microsoft's Office 2007 file
| formats; MPlayer, the number one video player for Linux
| systems, which includes support for DVD playback and most
| of today's video and audio formats; Wine and Wine-Doors,
| two amazing apps that allow users to use Microsoft Windows
| applications in a Linux environment; support for portable
| applications with the SFS technology and Zero Install.


CrunchBang Linux Review : Dark, Evil, and it has the Mark of The Beast

,----[ Quote ]
| The minimal configuration is great if you have an older
| machine you would like to revive. And unlike other mini
| distributions, it comes shipped with a ton of software so
| chances are you won’t have to go searching for too many
| packages once installed. With the GIMP, Inkscape, PiTiVi,
| Kino, recordMyDesktop and Audacity they already have a lot
| of tools for creative types. If you find anything missing
| you can find it quickly using the large Ubuntu
| repositories. What I like most about this distribution is
| that it showcases the combination of Conky and OpenBox, two
| projects that look really good together.


Playing With CrunchBang Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| CrunchBang Linux is a new(ish) Ubuntu derivative designed to offer a “good
| balance of speed and functionality”. Its first release was based on Hardy in
| April and has just been updated for Intrepid. I’ve been meaning to try it for
| a couple of weeks, but in between Exams and playing about with Fedora 10, I
| haven’t really had an opportunity. A great opportunity to try it out arose
| today when dpkg completely failed and refused to do anything (Do not run
| update-manager, watch an HD video, unrar a massive rarchive and encoded a DVD
| at the same time, your desktop will lock and dpkg will cry whenever you try
| to do anything with it). Not really fancying yet another Intrepid reinstall,
| I thought I’d give CrunchBang a try.


#!CrunchBang Linux: Flash! Bang! Wallop! What A Distro!

,----[ Quote ]
| The final thing I would like to remark on is the blazing speed of CB: The
| Openbox desktop loads in 3 seconds - honestly - and applications are not far
| behind, either loaded via the right-click menu or via the shortcut key
| combinations.
| It's a very stable distribution, too, which you would expect with its
| heritage but remember - this is also a very young distribution, so kudos to
| Philip Newborough for that.
| I would be happy to run CB on a production machine - that's the confidence an
| Ubuntu base system brings, I suppose - and shall certainly be keeping a close
| eye on this exciting young distribution in the future. I happily recommend it
| to you.


Review: Crunchbang Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| All Windows Media, Quicktime *.mov, *.mp4, and Flash *.swf, *.flv files
| played without problem. I did note that Totem video frame transitions seemed
| a little lower quality than the TinyXS's mPlayer video, but the embedded
| Totem *.wmv videos loaded faster and with fewer hiccups than with the mPlayer
| plugin.


CrunchBang Linux 8.10.01 — Testing

,----[ Quote ]
| I had some spare time on my hands last weekend, so I set about putting
| together a new release of CrunchBang Linux. As the numbering suggests,
| CrunchBang Linux 8.10.01 is based on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex sources.


CrunchBang Linux 8.04.02 Release Notes

,----[ Quote ]
| I have released a couple of new images for my CrunchBang Linux project. This
| new release brings CrunchBang Linux up-to-date with packages available from
| the 8.04.01 point release of Ubuntu. The new images have been completely
| rebuilt from scratch and feature a whole bunch of changes.


CrunchBang Linux 8.04.01 Release Notes

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the third release of CrunchBang Linux. This release is based on the
| current development version of Ubuntu, "Hardy Heron". As with the previous
| releases, I have developed CrunchBang Linux for personal use; however, I have
| released it as a download on the off chance that others may find it useful.  



CrunchBang Linux 7.10.02 Release Notes

,----[ Quote
| I've released another version of CrunchBang Linux, my remastered version of
| Ubuntu featuring the lightweight Openbox window manager. Version 7.10.02 is
| the version that was never meant to be; however, as soon as people started
| downloading and using the original [I'm still finding it hard to believe that
| anyone would actually do that] I realised I'd better try to clean up the
| distribution and start to attempt to fix any issues/problems.


First look: CrunchBang - A faster Ubuntu! - Fast and furious Ubuntu for geeks!

,----[ Quote ]
| CrunchBang is a fast and good looking Ubuntu remaster. It
| includes a lot of useful tools, scripts and applications. Give it a try!


CrunchBang Linux 8.10.01 released

,----[ Quote ]
| Last night I uploaded and released the final CrunchBang Linux 8.10.01 build.
| I am really quite pleased with this release and it seems to be working well
| on my own systems. I will keep this post short as I have already written
| about the release on the new CrunchBang Linux blog. All I wanted to say here
| is,

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