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Re: Dana Blankenhorn and Preston Gralla Named as Phonies

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____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Friday 23 January 2009 13:41 : \____

> On Jan 22, 8:47 pm, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
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>> Careers In Linux Journalism-- No Knowledge Required!
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | My current favorite horrid example is Dana Blankenhorn's famous "someone
>> | please send a Linux laptop" column, written in July 2008:
>> |
>> |     "I have written about, and been written to about, Linux laptops for
>> |     some time. Now is a good time to take the plunge. So I am asking for a
>> |     review unit. "
>> |
>> | How can one craft any sort of response other than WTF??! But let us not be
>> | hasty. The Internet is already full of hasty, kneejerk flamers and
>> | uninformed pontificators, and we do not want to be like them. Perhaps
>> | there is more to this story, so let us make use of the very secret weapon
>> | that nobody in tech journalism knows about: Google. I've been reading Mr.
>> | Blankenhorn's column for some years, and between my cluttered old memory
>> | and Google I do not find any indication that he had ever actually touched
>> | a Linux PC until September 2008:
>> |
>> |     "My first Linux laptop is the ASUS EeePC."
>> |
>> | Be still my heart.
>> |
>> | Preston Gralla, famous Windows author, wrote a good article about his
>> | first serious Linux experience Living free with Linux: 2 weeks without
>> | Windows. But again, WTF??! Another technology writer who has been writing
>> | about Linux for years without knowing anything about it:
> Well, I read Gralla's article, and while he did praise some aspects of
> Linux, he complained pretty sharply whenever Linux was not like
> Windows, and he engaged in a fair amount of ridicule, for example,
> making fun of the names of programs in Linux.  It seems the only app
> he uses is Word, and he did find OpenOffice fine for his purposes.  It
> also seems that he has a teen-age son who likes Linux, maybe that was
> what persuaded him to try it in the first place.  I wouldn't say it
> was a good article, overall.

He makes his career out of Microsoft (Same as Ed Bought). If Linux impresses
him, then he'll know he's in trouble. Pirillo is already losing his religion.

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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