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Re: What is this group about ?

Ezekiel wrote:
High Plains Thumper wrote...
Ezekiel wrote:
"Roy Schestowitz" wrote...
The Lost Packet on Monday:
savidmiles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

<snip irrelevant ramblings>

Do you actually have anything constructive to add to any discussion?

I smell fish, but I'm not cooking any at the moment...

Then maybe you should quit spamming for a few minutes and take your weekly shower.

This is an example of an ad hominem attack.

Do you actually have anything constructive to add to any discussion?

[snip useless Wintroll rant]

Typical of this Wintroll, for example the following ad hominem:


From: "Ezekiel" <Z...@xxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 08:41:37 -0500
Subject: Re: Bill Gates Knowingly Breaks the Law?

This was never posted in COLA, but someone has just found it...

[..] From: Bill Gates Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 1997 [..]

In one piece of mail people were suggesting that Office had to
work equally well with all browsers and that we shouldn't force Office users to use our browser. This Is wrong and I wanted to correct this.

Another suggestion In this mail was that we can't make our own
unilateral extensions to HTML I was going to say this was wrong and correct this also.

I'm sure you can cite the exact law that was broken. Surely there
was a law in Jan-1997 that specifically mandates what software
needs to work with which browsers.

Run along idiot. Once again you prove that you have no clue.


From: "Ezekiel" <z...@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 08:20:55 -0500
Subject: Re: comes: ship Excel simultaneously with Windows 3.0 ..

And give them an unfair advantage over anyone else thinking of
entering *their* channel ...

What unfair advantage retard? There were 100's of products that
were shipped at the same time as a major new release of Windows.

Rather sad that this Wintroll cannot respect the person, but must attack the poster with insults such as "idiot", "retard", "you have no clue", "take your weekly shower", etc.

These are examples of:


Subject: 3.4  The nasty Troll

If anyone does anything which will interfere with the troll's ability to cause mayhem, they can become very nasty, posting from obviously incorrect variations of the name etc. insults, call them netcops, netnannies, homosexuals.

Subject: 4.11  They read newsgroups

That they read newsgroups is on the face of it obvious. They are thus privy to any discussions about countermeasures. It is clear that they adjust what they do to reduce the effect of countermeasures, and further their general aims.

Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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