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[News] CherryPal Chooses GNU/Linux for Its PCs

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CherryPal Announces the World's First Truly Green Nettop, the BingTM, During
the Sundance Film Festival This Week in Park City, Utah

,----[ Quote ]
| Running on the basis of the Linux based GreenMaraschino operating 
| environment, Bing was designed for environmentally savvy, budget minded 
| consumers, and provides excellent web browsing, file sharing, media and music 
| capabilities. It can be used with or without the CherrypalCloud™, which makes 
| the user experience simple, efficient and highly secure.    



Unboxing the CherryPal: It’s alive!

,----[ Quote ]
| When I booted the system, I was greeted with an extremely unattractive login
| prompt. The provided login worked right away and revealed a basic Linux
| desktop. The CherryPal is based on a Xubuntu distribution, which utilizes the
| simple Xfce desktop.
| [...]
| One of the things that instantly worked on the PC was the Wi-Fi connection.
| My wireless network was instantaneously recognized and I was connected
| quickly and simply. I have had major issues on other Linux PCs trying to get
| the wireless connection to work correctly, so this was a great feat.


Life ain't a bowl of funding at CherryPal

,----[ Quote ]
| Seybold wrote that Maraschino will consist of 10 sub-projects, starting with
| embedded Linux, browser optimization, and local and hosted applications. He
| described the scheme as "sort of a combination of Facebook and
| sourceforge.net." Seybold added that Freescale volunteered to supply free
| developer boards of the 5121e PowerPC processor for the project.

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