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[News] [Rival] Mitigating the Microsoft Mono Problem

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A Mono proposal

,----[ Quote ]
| Mono developer Jo Shields has created a couple of Mono-free Ubuntu remixes. 
| Here are the torrent links for i386 and amd64 architectures. There is talk of 
| maintaining a regular Ubuntu edition sans Mono over on the Mono-Nono site. 
| It’s a little unfair to expect Jo to do it all by himself, and it’s a good 
| chance for people suspicious of Mono to do something about it rather than 
| simply grumble about the whole thing. The Ubuntu Technical Board have made it 
| clear that they don’t see inclusion of Mono-stuff in Ubuntu to be that much 
| of a problem, so rather than start another flame war, head on over to Dan 
| Serban’s proposal on the Mono-Nono site and volunteer to help out.        



Pro-mono Zealotry

,----[ Quote ]
| What this does illustrate, I think, is something that is already obvious to
| anyone that has been following the Mono controversy: there are people that
| are just as “extreme” and unwilling to listen to reason as the most zealoty
| charactertures painted by the Broad Brush of the Most High and (Self)
| Righteous Community Gatekeepers.
| You can spot these people by the mindless regurgitation of other people’s
| talking points and the inability to make even the slightest concession to any
| opposing argument; the gleeful participation in any manner of attack or
| disinformation; the uncritical embrace of  anyone or anything that supports
| thier position. A sure sign is charging the opposition with the very crimes
| they themselves are in the act of commiting.

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