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[News] USPTO Shoot Foot Again with New Patent on Audiocasting

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Company Receives Patent for Podcasting

,----[ Quote ]
| VoloMedia, a podcast analytics, advertising, and distribution company, just 
| received a patent for "providing episodic media," including podcasts. 
| According to the company, which filed for the patent in November 2003, U.S. 
| Patent 7,568,213 covers all episodic media downloads, not just the 
| RSS-dependent downloads that power today's podcasts. VoloMedia CEO Murgesh 
| Navar says that the company doesn't plan to go after individual podcasters, 
| but that the company plans to "work collaboratively with key participants in 
| the industry." We do wonder, however, if VoloMedia can really claim to have 
| invented podcasting in 2003, given that the concept was already under 
| development by Dave Winer and others in late 2000 and early 2001.         


Statement of David J. Kappos, Nominee for Under Secretary of Commerce for
Intellectual Property



RIMM To Pay $267.5 Million To Settle Visto Patent Suit

,----[ Quote ]
| Research In Motion (RIMM) this morning said it will pay $267.5 million as
| part of an agreement to settle all existing patent litigation with
| venture-backed Visto, which is now known as Good Technology.


The Linux Defenders: Stop the Trolls, Protect Linux, Further Innovation

,----[ Quote ]
| Patent Trolls are an ever-growing threat to global innovation. These IP
| aggregators purchase low-quality patents and use them as leverage to hijack
| potential revenue and profits from hardware and software companies, our
| largest economic driver. This causes entrepreneurs to reconsider launching
| companies, while CEOs devote more of their time and resources to managing
| intellectual property. New online and offline tools and services are becoming
| available to combat Patent Trolls and enable technology companies to focus on
| their core business.

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