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[News] Many Books Open (Freed) to the Public Like Free Software

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EBooks: Sony Now Offers 1 Million Free Books From Google Books

,----[  Quote]
| Barnes & Noble, which announced its eBook store and forthcoming hardware 
| eReader last week currently features about 500,000 free books from Google, 
| while Amazon's Kindle can read free books from Project Gutenberg, but doesn't 
| offer compatibility with the ePub format that Google prefers. Amazon 
| currently offers about 300,000 books.    


World eBook Fair Prepares For Final Week

,----[ Quote ]
| Many more books have been added since our initial report on the start of The 
| World eBook Fair on July 4. As expected, Internet Archive is keeping up with 
| their goal of adding another ~25,000 titles, about 1,000 each business day, 
| but another 25,000 comes from the general readership of the patrons. We get 
| messages to add books that our readers have compiled totally on their own–
| independently of the major eBook producers.     



B&N Wraps Public Domain Books In DRM To Protect Authors' Copyrights. What?

,----[ Quote ]
| The ebook "war" is a race to the bottom, apparently, with Barnes & Noble
| trying to out-do Amazon on DRM stupidity. A reader emailed B&N customer
| service to point out that their "free books" offer consists of 5 public
| domain titles that are no longer protected under copyright, yet are still
| locked down with digital rights management (DRM). Their response? "For
| copyright protection purposes, these files are encrypted and cannot be
| converted or printed."


No need to burn books you can't read - DRM and public libraries

,----[ Quote ]
| As my correspondent says: "After all that I still couldn't open the document
| (which I've only opened once before) and got this. Now I know I haven't
| opened the document at another computer because this is my only computer with
| a printer - so I didn't open it anywhere else. I am never using this service
| again. The British Library, Microsoft and Adobe can go shove their DRM up
| their document delivery service exit. "
| This, let me reiterate, is a public body providing publicly paid-for research
| to a highly-qualified professional engaged in impeccable work for the public
| service.
| It is hard to imagine something more expensive, condescending, inaccurate,
| frustrating and enraging – nor something better calculated to restrict
| knowledge and broadcast ignorance.
| It's almost as if the parties involved actively want to prevent people
| learning. It certainly feels that way.


British Library fears loss of history

,----[ Quote ]
| Lynne Brindley, director of the British Library, said that data and
| information on our time that has been entrusted to the web is being lost as
| some sites close or the technology they have stored the information on
| becomes obsolete.


British Library Turns Traitor

,----[ Quote ]
| This once-great institution used to be about opening up the world's knowledge
| for the benefit and enjoyment of all: today, it's about closing it down so
| that only those who can afford to pay get to see it.
| What an utter disgrace.


Public Domain Ideas

,----[ Quote ]
| Public Domain Ideas (PDI) is a place where ideas and inventions can be
| submitted to the public domain. It's like open-source software, but for ideas
| instead of code. Once an idea is submitted to PDI, it immediately goes into
| the public domain and cannot be patented. That means anyone is free to
| develop the concept without fear of litigation, and without having to pay
| licensing fees.



Happy Public Domain Day!

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael sez, "It's January 1st! Do you know what works are passing into the
| public domain in the life+50, and life+70 countries? Lots! Here in the USA
| (where basically nothing published in 1923 or later will ever enter the
| public domain, to protect Disney's 'Steamboat Willie'), only unpublished
| works of the life+70 class of authors enter the public domain. Whew. Thank
| goodness for small favors, right?. We can now expect the unpublished works of
| George Gershwin, H.P. Lovecraft, Amelia Earhart, J.M. Barrie, and John
| Davison Rockefeller (yeah right), among many others, to be free and clear of
| copyright encumbrances for those who wish to publish them. Boy, unpublished
| works! Wow! After 70 years since they died, there must be lots of those
| hanging around, right? Right?"          

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