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[News] Illegalisation of Sharing in Debate

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Unconstitutional Copyrights?

,----[ Quote ]
| That effort has led me to revisit copyright’s constitutional foundations. I 
| find them very shaky, indeed. 


RIAA's War on Sharing Begins

,----[ Quote ]
| Words matter, which is why the RIAA has always framed copyright infringement 
| in terms of "piracy". But it has a big problem: most people call 
| it "sharing"; and as everyone was told by their mother, it's good to share.  
| [...]
| Got that? P2P sharing isn't *real* sharing, because it's not sharing with 
| your friends; this is *evil* sharing because it's bad to share with stranger. 
| Apparently.  



How the Swedish Pirate Party Platform Backfires on Free Software

,----[ Quote ]
| The bullying of the copyright industry in Sweden inspired the launch of the
| first political party whose platform is to reduce copyright restrictions: the
| Pirate Party. Its platform includes the prohibition of Digital Restrictions
| Management, legalization of noncommercial sharing of published works, and
| shortening of copyright for commercial use to a five-year period. Five years
| after publication, any published work would go into the public domain.


RIAA Brief Attacks Free Software Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| In their proposed response, the RIAA lawyers personally attacked The Free
| Software Foundation, Ray Beckerman (NewYorkCountryLawyer), and NYCL's
| blog, 'Recording Industry vs. The People'. The 9-page response (PDF) — 4
| pages longer than the document to which it was responding — termed the FSF an
| organization 'dedicated to eliminating restrictions on copying,
| redistribution, and modifying computer programs', and accused the FSF of
| having an 'open and virulent bias against copyrights' and 'blatant bias'
| against the record companies.


GNU Generation: Calling all pre-university students

,----[ Quote ]
| GNU Generation is a new project sponsored by the Free Software Foundation to
| involve high school age pre-university students (approximately ages 13-18) in
| free software.
| [...]
| Both programming and non-programming projects are available, and several
| projects can accommodate many different skill levels, so this is an ideal
| opportunity for new users of GNU/Linux to get involved.

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