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[News] Ingres Shows Free Software Making Breakthroughs

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Open source Database Breakthrough: 10-80 times faster 

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ingres VectorWise project team has worked with Intel to evaluate database 
| performance on the new Intel Xeon processor 5500 series based platform. To 
| date, the results of the project have demonstrated dramatic cost and 
| performance capabilities as evidenced by nearly 80 fold speed up on a query 
| modelled after the Q1 query of TPC-H3 suite on the Intel Xeon processor.    


A Breakthrough in Database Technology

,----[ Quote ]
| The core innovations in VectorWise are the work, primarily, of two CWI 
| researchers, Peter Boncz and Marcin Zukowski. They set out to produce a 
| 100-fold improvement in database performance. Ingres engineers 18 months ago 
| came upon their research, called the X100 Project. Says Burkhardt: “We saw we 
| could collaborate with them to take an academic project and make it 
| commercial.”     



Massive but Agile: next-gen databases prepare for battle

,----[ Quote ]
| Ingres for one has just announced a project with VectorWise, a spin off from
| the database research team at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica of Amsterdam, a
| research institute in mathematics and computer science. With backing from
| Intel, Ingres and VectorWise are attempting to build a database engine that
| derives an increased quotient of its power from modern hardware processor and
| storage performance.


Ingres aims to exploit modern CPUs

,----[ Quote ]
| Ingres has announced it is working with VectorWise to improve database
| performance through fully exploiting the capabilities of modern CPUs. They
| are planning to create Ingres/VectorWise, a new product which incorporates
| the new techniques, for release in mid-2010. VectorWise is a commercial spin
| off of the, Ingres funded, Amsterdam based CWI (Centrum Wiskunde &
| Informatica) database research team. Intel are supporting the project with
| engineering expertise and hardware.


Ingres "code sprint" yields new features

,----[ Quote ]
| Among the new features created at the event were a compressed backup option
| to save space when archiving databases, an enforced logging system for
| databases and the ability to suspend logging when copying a database, a
| command line history for the Ingres SQL utility and improved Soundex routines
| for better matching. Emma McGratten of Ingres, who organised the sprint
| said "It's a testament to the open source community when we can get together
| and make improvements on features and programs that are being used every day,
| by the people who depend on them".

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