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[News] Digium Explains the Success of Free Software as a Business Model

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The Success of Commercial Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Another great thing about OSS is that even if the company pulls support for 
| the product (I’m talking to you, Microsoft Response Point) or goes out of 
| business, there is an opportunity for your company (or consultants of your 
| choosing) to continue making repairs and even advancing the tool despite lack 
| of support from a vendor.    


Opensville meets the real world

,----[ Quote ]
| For IT, open source is a way to improve service and reduce costs without the 
| expense. The lower acquisition costs, fast development cycle, continuing 
| enhancements and quick fixes to problems make open source attractive. In 
| fact, a leading industry analyst predicts that within a few years about 80% 
| of all commercial software will include elements of open source technology.    



Digium Offers Support Subscriptions To Asterisk Customers

,----[ Quote ]
| Companies like Red Hat and Novell offer support subscriptions for enterprise
| customers who don't want to walk the Linux path alone and now other open
| source vendors are getting into the act, too.


Digium® Launches Support Services for Open Source Asterisk®

,----[ Quote ]
| Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, today announced the general
| availability of support subscriptions for open source Asterisk. The software,
| which Digium’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Mark Spencer, created
| and released under the open source GNU General Public License (GPL) 10 years
| ago, is now the world’s most pervasive open source telephony platform. The
| new Asterisk support services allow organizations of any size to leverage the
| power of open source Asterisk with the confidence that their system is
| supported by a world-class support organization. The support subscriptions
| provide technical support, hardware replacements and substantial discounts on
| training programs to enable users to take full advantage of the power of the
| Asterisk platform.

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