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Re: UK Pentagon hacker loses appeal, will be sent to U.S.

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____/ Ramon F Herrera on Friday 31 July 2009 15:39 : \____

> # Gary McKinnon admits intentionally gaining access to government
> systems
> # Briton accused of carrying out biggest ever U.S. military computer
> hacking
> # He says he was researching whether U.S. was covering up existence of
> UFOs
> "LONDON, England (CNN) -- The Briton accused of hacking into U.S.
> government computers on Friday lost his court appeal to have his case
> heard in Britain, his legal team said.
> " The decision means Gary McKinnon faces extradition to the United
> States, where he is wanted for allegedly hacking into computers at the
> Pentagon and NASA.
> His mother, Janis Sharp, promised to appeal.
> McKinnon, who has admitted breaking the law and intentionally gaining
> unauthorized access to computer systems, wanted to be tried in Britain
> rather than the United States."
> [...]
> http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/07/31/british.hacker.mckinnon/

This whole case has developed into a farce that only embarrasses the American
Secret Services.

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