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Re: Linux.com - 'Boycott Novell is unprofessional, makes me nautious and embarassed to say I know of anything about Linux.'

Moshe Goldfarb wrote:
On Fri, 31 Jul 2009 03:06:52 GMT, Megabyte wrote:

Given the crap you regularly take in this group I admire the restraint you show here. I can't comment on BN as I'm not a regular follower of things there.

If you were, you would understand why Schestowitz is loathed in
most legitimate Linux advocacy circles.

I suggest taking a look at BN once in a while because you will
quickly see right through the Schestowitz scam and realize what
a self center fraud Roy Schestowitz really is.

That is unless you are afraid of what you might discover.

I just visited the BN site and while I didn't read the site in detail it is much what I would expect to find there. Roy is pro-FOSS and accordingly the site has a bias towards it and against FOSS opponents. I chuckled at the credibility index, credibility by who's standards? lol! I'm sure if I looked around I could also find sites that are pro-Microsoft and anti-FOSS, Linsux comes to mind.

What I don't understand is the obsession with attacking Roy on a personal level? You've stated you find his views to be humorous yet day in and day out you trash him in COLA? Above you state he is loathed, a scam, a self centered fraud, clearly a personal attack but why? Because he holds different views about software? You seem to monitor every bit of BN and even follow his IRC channel. What is with all that? Like the 18 year old wrote: It's just software! I can certainly understand you opposing his opinions and views and writing about them but it seems to go beyond that a lot of the time and become personal. Why is that?

The statement "unless you are afraid of what you might discover" sounds just as crazy to me as the quote from the advocate earlier this evening with conspiracy theories about Bill Gates from the unnamed source.

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