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Re: Linux.com - 'Boycott Novell is unprofessional, makes me nautious and embarassed to say I know of anything about Linux.'

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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____/ Megabyte on Wednesday 29 July 2009 23:57 : \____

Did either of you even bother to read the article you are referencing?
Actions do speak louder than words.  It talked about stopping the
personal attacks on individuals yet the two of you seem to be ratcheting
up the personal attacks.

In case it's not obvious, the author of that 'article' had a personal vendetta
against me which goes a long way back to 2007.

AstroTurfers love citing sympathetic ones, sometimes Microsoft TEs.

I don't know the history Roy but in 2007 the individual in question was a 16 year old kid involved with Ubuntu development which is likely important to know to keep the events that occurred in perspective.

Given the crap you regularly take in this group I admire the restraint you show here. I can't comment on BN as I'm not a regular follower of things there.

My comments were in relation to the constant name calling and personal attacks in COLA and from the sidelines both Advocates and Non-Advocates alike seem to be involved in that. I guess I have trouble understanding that aspect of things here as the people advocating and those being critical are intelligent and could hold some excellent debates about issues without needing to resort to that level. I don't profess to be perfect at that myself but after reading the article referenced I'll certainly keep trying.

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