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Re: [News] [Rival] Why Mono Proponents Show Remnants of "Zealotry"

7 wrote:
Megabyte wrote:

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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Pro-mono Zealotry

,----[ Quote ]
| What this does illustrate, I think, is something that is already
| obvious to anyone that has been following the Mono controversy: there
| are people that are just as ?extreme? and unwilling to listen to reason
| as the most zealoty charactertures painted by the Broad Brush of the
| Most High and (Self) Righteous Community Gatekeepers.
| | You can spot these people by the mindless regurgitation of other
| people?s talking points and the inability to make even the slightest
| concession to any opposing argument; the gleeful participation in any
| manner of attack or
| disinformation; the uncritical embrace of  anyone or anything that
| supports thier position. A sure sign is charging the opposition with
| the very crimes they themselves are in the act of commiting.


I'm not sure I understand this whole Mono controversy.  Some folks are
opposed to it due to it's ties to MS others like it and don't feel it
presents a threat.  Since this is FOSS after all, isn't it possible to
simply have Mono Free Distributions and Distributions with Mono?  Why is
there this need to have it this way or that way?

If you spend time developing mono, then you are trapped in mono.
Your general purpose C code won't run in general purpose environments like
Linux and with other Linux programs. It only runs in mono. And aspects are
that are proprietory - like micoshaft's CLI which they won't talk about
because they WILL NOT OPEN SOURCE THE MICOSHAFT CLI. If you write a mono
application, it is supposed to work in Linux and windump PC. But micoshaft
can change the CLI and then when you try to run your programs in the
windump environment, they can make it crash. Since you don't have source
code for the CLI you can't see what they have done
or how to repair it. So if you were bidding for a high profile airline
ticketing system and you went to do a demo, micoshaft can send a sneaky
update that guarantees it won't run on that windump PC. You loose the
order, and they sneak in with their stuff. Happened many times before and
there is no reason to believe micoshaft has changed any of its spots.

Don't touch mono.

Use C, python, gcc, PHP, gambas and the like to write your open
source software. They are a lot quicker and a lot more functional
than micoshaft mono crap.

Okay, so we've established you are opposed to the use of Mono which is fine. So isn't the answer for you to use a Linux distribution and Windows manager that is Mono free or do you believe that no one should have the right to use Mono because you are opposed to it? If the latter can you please explain why?

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