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[News] Review of Arch Linux 2009.02

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Arch Linux 2009.02

,----[ Quote ]
| Arch Linux is a distro developed without assitance from any of the major 
| distributions, and is targeted at experienced users of Linux. It is unique in 
| the Linux world that it uses a ‘rc.conf’ file which is executed everytime 
| upon start up, an idea borrowed from the BSD style systems.   
| While this review is technically one of the 2009.02 release, Arch Linux uses 
| a ‘rolling-release’ system, in which the actual system is constantly updated 
| and then ’snapshots’ of the current packages are made into an ISO file and 
| released every 6 months.   



Arch Linux - a distro collector’s pick

,----[ Quote ]
| Having a ten years experience of using various Linux distributions I can say
| with all responsibility, that Arch Linux is one of the most complete Linux
| desktops I ever used. Moreover, if you care about expanding your computer
| knowledge, and you’re ambitious, it is just what you need.


Linux Review 11: Arch Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| After 11 successful looks at Linux, I think I may have found my favorite...
| Arch Linux is a Linux distribution striving to Keep it simple. My opinions on
| this? Its great. Arch is lightweight and you can do anything in relation to
| Desktop Managers and configuration. I installed it on my Eee PC 904HA, and
| had similar results to Fedora. Sound from the headphone output is full of
| static, but I think that might be a hardware problem. Wireless basically
| worked out of box. Even with the core install, essentials to a laptop
| configuration were working. I went from there, installing and configuring
| X.org, GDM, Gnome, XFCE, and getting programs like Firefox, Pidgin, and
| OpenOffice.org. What I got out of doing this all by hand was a fast, slim
| system with only the essentials.
| [...]
| Arch is a nice Linux distribution. It is lightweight and fast. It works
| great, once you have it configured properly. It gives you flexibility. You
| only download things you need. I have to say, with all of these things
| together in one distribution, it is my favorite. I have to give it a 5/5. I
| think this will be my distribution of choice for a while. Until something
| similar to arch comes along with a better mixture of performance and
| features, Arch will be my favorite. For now, I will stop distribution hopping
| and stay with Arch.


Distro Review - Arch Linux 2009.02

,----[ Quote ]
| After many broken promises and much procrastination, I finally made it onto
| Arch Linux and that’s where I’ve been for the past couple of weeks now. I had
| a failed attempt at Arch last year when my hard drive died; not Arch’s fault
| in any way, but since then I haven’t really had a chance to get back to it.
| It’s a distro a lot of people tell me about. The Arch fans are always really
| passionate and enthusiastic in describing it to me; so I figured it was high
| time I found out for myself what all this fuss was about…

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