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[News] [Rival] ODF Spreads, Microsoft Shills Attack it by Pretending to be ODF Folks

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] ODF Spreads, Microsoft Shills Attack it by Pretending to be ODF Folks
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 11:46:32 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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,----[ Quote ]
| TEA is a Qt-based editor for Unix and Windows. Version 25 features better 
| support for reading ODF text files (.odt) 


OpenOffice.org Conference 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenOffice.org Annual International Conference (OOoCon) is the premier 
| event for anyone interested in or working with OpenOffice.org. OOoCon is 
| where representatives of all the community projects meet to celebrate and 
| learn from the achievements of the past twelve months, and discuss how to 
| meet the challenges of the next twelve.     


"ODF will be published on the SIRIM website within 2 months since its approval
in June. Priority will be given over others in their backlog."


The gray area of ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| I get very angry to seeing at Wikipedia a message that stating that “appears 
| to have a conflict of interest with its subject” about the contributions to 
| the article … we are all in favor of ODF ? Or not ?  
| This is exactly what they want … confuse, deceive, hinder, delay … help to 
| fail! And hope it serves as a lesson and prove (or a warning) to all those 
| who think that everything is solved!  
| When I was preparing to write this post, I made a complete list with names, 
| email addresses, blogs, sites, and in some cases companies of each of 
| the “workers of the gray area” that I managed to identify. With the help of 
| some confidence friends around the world, also prepared a compilation of 
| information that show the questionable not-so-distant past of those folks.    



Why Microsoft Hates - No, *Really* Hates - ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| What this means is that Microsoft is only making big money on its Office
| suite, for whose luxurious margins it must therefore fight tooth and nail.
| Which, judging by its behaviour at the ISO, and some more recent stories, is
| exactly what it is doing in the face of growing pressure from open ODF-based
| alternatives like OpenOffice.org.


Rob Weir Exposes an Anti-ODF Whisper Campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| Alex Brown, the convenor of the OOXML BRM, has been editing Wikipedia's
| article on ODF. That strikes me odd, like finding out Steve Jobs had been
| editing the Microsoft Zune page. Some things are simply inappropriate. It
| puzzles me why Wikipedia allows it, frankly.
| If you read the talk page on ODF, you'll see that there are others there
| trying mightily to spin the article on ODF more negatively than is factual.
| And such rudeness! Plenty of smears against Groklaw too, I couldn't help but
| notice. It does seem to me that there is a marked increase in what I view as
| a concerted submarine marketing effort. Some of it is subtle. Most of it is
| not. A fair measure of it is mean-spirited. Some of it is lies, pure and
| simple.
| In the good old days, dead people supported Microsoft, if you remember that
| funny headline about a pro-Microsoft astroturfing campaign, but at least it
| wasn't a smear campaign, just pro-Microsoft. Nowadays, I think I would have
| to rewrite the headline to read, "Mean People Support Microsoft." Or worse.
| You see, Groklaw has been visited recently by several OOXML types, including
| Alex Brown, Doug Mahue of Microsoft, and Rick Jelliffe, all singing pretty
| much the same songs, posting on our ODF articles, so I got to watch it close
| up. I puzzled over it, because they seemed so deliberately rude.



ODF Lies and Whispers

,----[ Quote ]
| So what is one to do? You obviously can't trust Wikipedia whatsoever in this
| area. This is unfortunate, since I am a big fan of Wikipedia. But since the
| day when Microsoft decided they needed to pay people to "improve" the ODF and
| OOXML articles, they have been a cesspool of FUD, spin and outright lies,
| seemingly manufactured for Microsoft's re-use in their whisper campaign. My
| advice would be to seek out official information on the standards, from the
| relevant organizations, like OASIS, the chairs of the relevant committees,
| etc. Ask the questions in public places and seek a public response. That is
| the ultimate weakness of FUD and lies. They cannot stand the light of public
| exposure. Sunlight is the best antiseptic.


Microsoft Office tries to break ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| Just a quick update to our OpenDocument campaign, with news that Microsoft
| Office has added support for ODF, but in a state that leaves it incompatible
| with every other ODF capable application out there, including OpenOffice.org
| and KOffice.


Sun ODF Plugin 3.1 for Microsoft Office

,----[ Quote ]
| A new version of the ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office is available.
| As I wrote in the last ODF Plugin announcement, the Plugin nowadays uses the
| same version number like the underlying OpenOffice.org version, so this
| version is now based on OpenOffice.org 3.1.


6 Projects We Hope Apple Is Building

,----[ Quote ]
| 2. OpenDocument Format (ODF) support in iWorks
| ODF is an ISO standard for office document formats, with many government
| agencies in the world adopt the standard as compulsory interchange format.
| More organizations would be willing to adopt iWorks if ODF is a supported
| format. For consumers, it means their files can be saved in a format that is
| independent of iWorks software version changes.


ODF adoption continues - has it ‘crossed the chasm’?

,----[ Quote ]
| What prompted me to realize this just today? I receive the ODF Alliance
| Newsletter regularly in my inbox. Today, I noticed the following:
| (note that while the URL is in Spanish, the translation can be seen here
| thanks to Google)

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