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[News] [Rival] 'Security' Software for Windows Does More Harm Than Good

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Benign security warnings have trained users to ignore them

,----[ Quote ]
| It should come as no surprise that most Internet users ignore security 
| certificate warnings, but a new study examines just how severe this behavior 
| is and why people do it. Hint: it's because legit websites cry wolf with SSL 
| warnings on a regular basis.   


AVG temporarily blocked iTunes, labeling it malware

,----[ Quote ]
| AVG's free antivirus product temporarily blocked users from getting to iTunes 
| late last week, detecting it as a Trojan, the company said on Monday. 
| For about five hours on Friday starting around 4 p.m. PDT, AVG users couldn't 
| access iTunes because of the false alarm. 


Report finds fake antivirus on the rise

,----[ Quote ]
| PandaLabs found 1,000 samples of fake antivirus software in the first quarter 
| of 2008. In a year, that number had grown to 111,000. And in the second 
| quarter of 2009, it reached 374,000, Luis Corrons, technical director of 
| PandaLabs said in a recent interview.   



Are we too naive by believing that GNU/Linux is more secure by design?

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, there are people that say that it's just that GNU/Linux is less
| attractive to malware software because there are so few of us GNU/Linux
| users. I have always thought that this is crap but anyway....
| Now, think about the things that FLOSS developers get to do:
| - Crack encrypted DVDs
| - Allow for communication between Microsoft Windows hosts (with a twisted SMB
| protocol) and *NIX hosts before Microsoft (reluctantly... but with a lot of
| PR spin, as usual) released the documentation about it
| - Synchronize with iTunes
| - Running GNU/Linux on basically any piece of equipment worthy of running it
| (with or without support by the vendor).. and some others that aren't worthy
| but....
| - Brake every DRM mechanism ever built



Secure By Design: How Guardian Digital Secures EnGarde Secure Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux and open source systems have long been renowned for their
| stability, versatility and scalability. EnGarde Secure Linux adds
| the feature crucial to providing services on the modern
| Internet -- security...

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