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[News] Business Win for Free Software and Other Positive Annoucements

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Synaq named Zimbra VAR in Africa

,----[ Quote ]
| Managed Linux services provider, Synaq, has been appointed as one of the 
| first Zimbra VARs in Africa. Synaq has trained and certified its technical 
| and sales teams to provide consulting, integration and installation support 
| of Zimbra collaboration suite (ZCS) - an open source, e-mail and 
| collaboration software platform. Zimbra, which is a Yahoo company, claims to 
| offer one of the fastest growing collaboration platforms in the world.     


Open Administration for Schools Makes the Grade and Joins click2try(TM) Online
Catalog of Education Software

,----[ Quote ]
| click2try http://www.click2try.com) today announced the addition of Open 
| Administration for Schools (http://richtech.ca/openadmin/) to its online 
| catalog of virtualized Open Source applications. A Community site, click2try 
| makes it easy for users to try applications for free and use by subscription.   


Rock the Vote Goes "Open Source" in Partnership with OSDV Foundation's
TrustTheVote Project 

,----[ Quote ]
| The TrustTheVote Project will provide its open source technology platform to 
| enable Rock the Vote to streamline and improve the user-facing registration 
| process and help State elections offices process registration forms.   


Digium(R) Announces Keynote Speakers for AstriCon '09

,----[ Quote ]
| DiBona, an internationally recognized advocate of open source technology, 
| will discuss the role of Google in open source projects. Smith is an IBM 
| Distinguished Engineer and CTO for the integrated IBM Smart Business 
| Platform. In his keynote, Smith will discuss how IBM is using Asterisk and 
| other open source technologies to design new solutions for small and 
| mid-sized businesses.      



Digium: Driving Revenue in an Open Source World

,----[ Quote ]
| In the world of open source, it seems like a contradiction in terms for a
| company focused on advancing open source communications solutions to also be
| at work generating revenue. As difficult as this balance may seem, that is
| exactly what Digium strives to do, and so far has been quite successful in
| the process.    


Digium Takes Home Three More Industry Awards

,----[ Quote ]
| The company and its founder, Mark Spencer, have also appeared on
| numerous “company to watch” and “influencer” lists, including 2008
| installations from eWeek, Linux Magazine and VoIP-News.  


Digium's Open Source Voice Solution

,----[ Quote ]
| The unified communications space is very hot right now, and Digium, with its
| open source approach, is getting plenty of notice. We caught up with them at
| VoiceCon a couple of weeks ago.  


Digium Founder Mark Spencer Recounts the History of Open Source Asterisk PBX

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark got started with Linux early in 1994 Slackware  (kernel version 1.09).
| One of the few in Auburn, AL at the time  that knew anything about Linux.
| After a stint with Adtran (a global provider of communications equipment) he
| moved out on his own starting a company called Linux Support Services. Mark
| traded his services for space in the back of a local computer store in
| Huntsville, AL. He started by building his own computer and eventually built
| his own phone switch informed by his experience developing GAIM (now Pidgin)
| among other open source projects.        
| [...]
| He attributes their early success contributions from this technical audience
| with contributions from hundreds of developers and feedback generated by over
| a million downloads in 2007. They also benefited from the fact that
| traditional telephone systems were very expensive and features didn’t
| translate from one system to another. Asterisk was very cost effective,
| configurable, and capable of VOIP in an industry with no clear leader. Also
| there was a fundamental shift in the industry from hardware switches to
| software switches.        


Junction Networks uses Asterisk to tailor VoIP to customer demands

,----[ Quote ]
| Oeth is no stranger to open source. In the early '90s he started Interport
| Communications, an ISP that eventually became the second largest in New York
| City. In that business he got "very familiar" with Apache Web servers and a
| host of open source tools. After he sold Interport, Oeth was looking for
| another business. "Knowing all the advantages of open source, we saw a lot of
| similarities between Apache and Asterisk. We knew we could install this, get
| a conference bridge up and running, and have the cheapest one out there."      

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