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[News] Interview with Stephen Carlyle-Smith Touches on Free Software and Gaming

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Interview: Stephen Carlyle-Smith aka Me_Programmer

,----[ Quote ]
| Q. What draws you to open source, what is your Free software philosophy?
|     I particularly like the way that we all provide each other with 
|     programming help and actual source code, which enables everyone to learn 
|     and produce software much faster than they would be able to otherwise. 
|     It's a shame that in the corporate world, when somebody learns something, 
|     it's top secret and usually patented. Just think how advanced technology 
|     (not just software) might be if everyone shared their knowledge and 
|     skills with everyone else.      
| Q. What are the things to avoid, the things that make FLOSS game development 
| fail? 
|     The biggest problem is not getting something playable as quickly as 
|     possible. Whether its a one-man project or bigger, people soon get bored 
|     of discussing and planning everything to death. You need to show yourself 
|     and everyone that you are actually doing something practical that is 
|     actually possible and progress is being made. There are a 
|     million "Status: 1-Planning" projects on Sourceforge as a testament to 
|     this.      
| Q. If you could take one abandoned FLOSS game and restore it's development 
| (excluding your own titles!) which would it be? 
|     I don't really know any off the top of my head. I sometimes browse 
|     Sourceforge to see if there's anything I can help with, but I usually end 
|     up with ideas and inspiration to write a game of my own! Unfortunately, 
|     trying to understand someone else's source code and designs (especially 
|     the larger ones) is often harder than just writing my own project.    
| Q. What are your future game development plans and which of your games do you 
| hope to see come to fruition in the near future? 
|     My dream is to have a game (and more importantly, a community) as popular 
|     as, say, Starcraft. This is my ultimate (and obviously unattainable) 
|     ambition, but if one of my games can get a thousandth of the popularity 
|     of that, then I'll be more than pleased!   



Linux Gamers Are Excited For New Games

,----[ Quote ]
| A few hours ago we invited everyone to come play this new Linux-native game
| with us, which happened to be Heroes of Newerth by S2 Games. This game is
| still under development and details surrounding this title are very scarce as
| the media (including Phoronix), is not yet allowed to post any media or
| really talk about the game that much. However, a closed beta is currently
| going on for this game, both with the Linux and Windows editions. S2 Games
| was surprised by the interest that was building around this new game of
| theirs on Linux, so they decided to let us start handing out keys to join the
| beta program. Well, so far, that is going extremely well.


10 Games That Will Turn your Linux into a WarMachine

,----[ Quote ]
| My favorite time pass. I’m always out for nifty gaming sessions when I’m
| bored, posted lots of stuff on it in the past and still going to. Loads of my
| friends use linux and “some” complain that there aren’t much games for the OS
| out there.. well they are wrong, I’ve posted about Linux games in the past
| and going to write / update more on it in this post. Stuff I’ve missed out in
| the past and games which were released earlier.

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