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[News] Free Software in a Transitional Phase, Preferred by Security Experts

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Open source's transitional phase

,----[ Quote ]
| Modularity is not inherent in open source, but it is a common theme that 
| stems from open development. If you're going to make it easy for people to 
| contribute to or extend your product, you need to make sure it's modular.  


WASC Honeypot Opens Up With Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The idea behind the IT security concept known as the honeypot is all about 
| luring hackers into a server or network so they can be tracked. The Web 
| Application Security Consortium (WASC) has its own particular brand of honey 
| to attract would-be attackers -- a blend of open source and open proxies.    



Open Source is Infiltrating the Enterprise

,----[ Quote ]
| James Turner: This is breaking news today, so I'll understand if you don't
| feel like you can comment on it at this point. But I've seen reports that the
| London Stock Exchange which was, I believe, one of Microsoft's Get the Truth
| poster children, is pulling back from their Windows deployment. Does that say
| anything to you?
| Jeffrey Hammond: Well, it's difficult for me to comment on the reasons or
| what's going on there. But we're going to see these sorts of switches back
| and forth. And you could argue that running open source on Microsoft
| platforms is also a very interesting way to go. I wrote recently about what
| Microsoft's done with their Web PI products that take PHP and make it and
| PHP-based applications very simple to install on the Windows platform. And so
| there are both good and bad from Microsoft's perspective in terms of open
| source.


London Stock Exchange reportedly to dump £40m platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Dropping TradElect would be a dramatic about-face for the exchange, which had
| heavily promoted its ability to rival newer, dedicated electronic exchanges,
| and plumbed millions of pounds into doing so. It runs on HP ProLiant Servers
| and Microsoft .Net and SQL Server 2000 systems, and within a Cisco network
| architecture.

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