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[News] How GNU/Linux Forces Microsoft to Stop Earning Money from Windows

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The Vista Myth: Why Windows 7 Won’t Turn Microsoft Around

,----[ Quote ]
| After posting a spectacular 17% revenue drop, the company’s first ever year 
| over year decline, Microsoft and its satellite pundits have assembled a 
| seemingly plausible distraction/solution going forward: Windows 7 will boost 
| sales of generic PCs back into orbit and erase the crater caused by Vista and 
| the recession. They’re wrong, here’s why.    
| [...]
| Microsoft is facing multiple competitors in the low end arena as well. One is 
| the threat posed by free distributions of Linux and Android, which can 
| potentially stand in place of Windows on low end hardware, resulting in major 
| savings to manufacturers. So far, Microsoft has been able to scuttle adoption 
| of Linux on netbooks by dumping Windows XP licenses on manufacturers for 
| free. That’s obviously not a long term strategy, as Microsoft simply can’t 
| run the Linux community out of business, nor can it keep giving away software 
| for a growing segment of the PC business.       
| [...]
| Mr. Ballmer, welcome to 2009. It’s not developers, developers, developers 
| that you need, it’s customers, customers, customers. 



Today's Outrage: Who Cares About Microsoft?

,----[ Quote ]
| Sorry folks, but Microsoft (MSFT Quote) ain't what it once was. The software
| giant is losing its edge, as we saw with yesterday's  earnings report.


Microsoft’s quarter is the pits


If Microsoft falters, who will step up?

,----[ Quote ]
| The Seattle area has relied heavily on Microsoft to employ a whole generation
| of its smartest citizens — and noncitizens — at good pay. If it ceases
| growing, who is ready to take its place?


US STOCKS-Wall St falls on Microsoft results


Microsoft shares slip on disappointing results


Microsoft shares drop after results disappoint


Microsoft Shares Decline On Disappointing Results

,----[ Quote ]
| Shares of Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) fell as much as 11% Friday, erasing much of
| the company's pre-earnings stock gains, after the software titan reported
| disappointing results for its fourth fiscal quarter because of a sharp
| slowdown in software sales.


Falling profits forced Microsoft's open source hand

,----[ Quote ]
| The monopoly days are dead. But better days may yet come, if Microsoft can
| learn to monetize like its new competitors have.


Microsoft profits down by a third

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