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[News] Sys-Con, Home of Malicious Stalkers, Busted Badly

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My Sys-Con Nightmare

,----[ Quote ]
| It all started at the end of March, 2009, when I discovered that I was listed 
| as an author on a site called Ulitzer (http://ulitzer.com)*. They had used my 
| name as a subdomain on their site (aralbalkan.ulitzer.com; this has since 
| been removed) and the site presented a photo of me, stating that I had been 
| an author with them for several years. They had also scraped my blog posts 
| and were reproducing them on the site under a different license to the one 
| that I had published them under.       
| Beyond simply using my content without permission, they had misappropriated 
| my identity by stating that I was one of their authors. And I wasn't the only 
| one. To this day, David Heinemeier Hansson 
| (http://davidheinemeierhansson.ulitzer.com/) is a Ulitzer author (he's 
| apparently been writing for them since November 24, 2005), as is – quite 
| ironically, I may add – Matt Cutts (http://mattcutts.ulitzer.com/), head of 
| Google's webspam team, who has apparently been a "Ulitzer author since  
| September 3, 2008".      
| Other prominent Ulitzer authors include Tim O'Reilly (@timoreilly, 
| http://timoreilly.ulitzer.com/), Jeremy Allaire (@jerBrightcove, 
| http://jeremyallaire.ulitzer.com/), Dion Almaer (@dalmaer, 
| http://dionalmaer.ulitzer.com/), and Michael Arrington 
| (http://michaelarrington.ulitzer.com), among many, many, others. Needless to 
| say, I can only assume that many of these authors don't have a clue that 
| their identities are being misappropriated and that their content is being 
| used without permission.       
| [...]
| Following that first article, they published another article, titled "Turkish 
| Web Designer Declares Death on Twitter" in which they stated that I was "said 
| to be organizing an underground group to kill or bodily harm the company 
| representatives according to his Twitter logs" and continued to compare me to 
| the Turkish assassin who "shot and wounded Pope John Paul II on May 13, 
| 1981". The details of that article are documented here.     
| [...]
| I am not the first person Sys-Con have attacked like this – they also very 
| publicly attacked Jame Ervin, calling her (among other things) a "bitch" as 
| documented here – but I would like to make sure that I am the last. This is 
| an opportunity for us to say "no" to Sys-Con once and for all and to make 
| them understand that we will not put up with online bullying.    
| I do not have, nor have I ever had a "cihad", jihad, or any other "*had" with 
| Sys-Con but what I have had is enough of their bullying. 
| So what can we do? Well, several things.
| Boycott Sys-Con



Maureen O'Gara Disparages Judge Dale Kimball's Ruling

,----[ Quote ]
| Maureen O'Gara, that intrepid American technology [sic] journalist [sic], 
| took a swipe at Judge Kimball's ruling in SCO v. Novell. And she did it 
| behind the ".NETDJ News Desk" byline on the cutting edge Sys-Con website, 
| Open Source version. (If you want the entire article, Google for it. I refuse 
| to provide a link.    
| [...]
| And you thought Maureen had been banned from Sys-Con, didn't you? 



Where'd They [Microsoft and its ilk] Get That? - Part One

,----[ Quote ]
| Is that not a wonder? She [O'Gara] tells us what is in a sealed
| document, that it is about some privileged IBM email. Privileged
| means that the public isn't supposed to learn about it. So does
| sealed. If you go to the court, they are not supposed to give you
| that info, so the logical source would be one of the parties. I
| think we may safely assume it wasn't IBM, and it would be improper
| for SCO to release it.


Dan Lyons gets obsessed

,----[ Quote ]
| If you read Dan Lyon's blog, 100% of it in recent time has been
| snippy comments directed to Groklaw and other Open Source entitities.

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