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[News] Patent Troll Gets Humiliated for Attacking Free Software Project

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For East Texas Patent Lawyers: Maybe Next Time Don't Sue Random Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Except, it appears that the lawyers for the patent holder (McKool Smith -- a 
| favorite among the patent hoarders) didn't do much research on at least one 
| of those "companies," named CitiWare. Slashdot alerts us to the fact that 
| CitiWare was basically just a small open source project from one guy, who 
| hoped to turn it into a business, but couldn't find any customers and shut it 
| down. That guy has now turned the CitiWare.com website into an angry open 
| letter to the patent holder and to its lawyers, demanding that they drop the 
| case against him.       



The Linux Defenders: Stop the Trolls, Protect Linux, Further Innovation

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| Patent Trolls are an ever-growing threat to global innovation. These IP
| aggregators purchase low-quality patents and use them as leverage to hijack
| potential revenue and profits from hardware and software companies, our
| largest economic driver. This causes entrepreneurs to reconsider launching
| companies, while CEOs devote more of their time and resources to managing
| intellectual property. New online and offline tools and services are becoming
| available to combat Patent Trolls and enable technology companies to focus on
| their core business.


Distric Court Warns that "Patentee's Time For Trolling" Will End Without More
Definite Infringement Contention

,----[ Quote ]
| In June 2008, DSC was given the source code to 8 of the accused software
| products, along with executable copies and operating manuals for the accused
| products. Despite having this information, DSC did not elaborate further on
| the PICs.


Patent Litigation Weekly: PubPat and "Patent Troll" Make Strange Bedfellows

,----[ Quote ]
| Ravicher acknowledged that it seems strange for a lawyer affiliated with
| PubPat—even as a volunteer—to have gone so far as to set up his own
| patent-holding company and then sued a group of major Internet players.
| "Dave, if you were to talk to him, he’d say software patents are good, and
| they incentivize innovation," says Ravicher. "Some people can’t be friends
| with people who disagree with them. But I’m friends with lots of people I
| have strenuous disagreements with."
| Asked whether he surprised by his friend's involvement in the business
| colloquially known as "patent trolling," Ravicher pauses, and then
| laughs. "Nothing surprises me these days."


Former Microsoft Exec to Release Patent Troll Study

,----[ Quote ]
| The funny part is that this former executive’s company makes its money by,
| you guessed it, collecting patents. The firm has yet to assert any of its
| rights in court, however.


Inventor says Google settles patent claim

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has agreed to settle an intellectual property claim brought by serial
| inventor Judah Klausner, who has won settlements in the past from Apple,
| Skype and LG Electronics, Klausner said on Monday.
| The dispute concerned patents that Klausner holds covering so-called visual
| voicemail, which makes voicemail work more like email by sending visual
| alerts of voice messages to computers or phones, allowing users to
| selectively retrieve the messages.
| Visual voicemail is a key feature of many of the latest touchscreen phones on
| the market, including Apple's iPhone. New York-based Klausner holds several
| patents relating to the technology in the United States, Europe and Asia.
| Klausner grabbed the attention of the mobile phone industry in late 2007 when
| his company, privately held Klausner Technologies Inc, sued Apple and six
| other companies for $360 million for violating patents on visual voicemail
| technology.

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