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Can these be the writing of a sane person?

After takin' a swig o' grog, chrisv belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

>> Hadron quacked:
>>> And you will provide a link to me lying?
> You must have missed these, when I posted them last week, asshole.
> "And that you are towing the COLA line that ALL MS programmers are
> idiots?"  -  Hadron Quark, lying shamelessly
> 'But COLA "advocates" thinks a programmer == another programmer.'  -
> Hadron Quark, lying shamelessly
> "The claim by some that ITS NEVER necessary to use the command line is
> pure & utter bullshit."  -  Hadron Quark, (again) lying about what
> advocates have claimed.
> 'We are not talking here about the Windows kernel. We are talking
> about you and the fellow "advocates" claiming Linux is super stable
> and has no bugs'  -  Hadron Quark, (again) lying about what advocates
> have claimed.
> "Linux is not totally safe and COLA advocates claiming it is are
> foolish."  -  Hadron Quark, (again) lying about what advocates have
> claimed.
> "Most of us are sensible and experienced enough to know that all SW
> has errors. But according to the COLA faithful.,  errors and bugs and
> vulnerabilities are the domain of closed source SW"  -  Hadron Quark,
> (again) lying about what advocates have claimed.
> "In COLA they don't see the need for a help group like this because
> they actually believe Linux is perfect. Really."  -  "True Linux
> advocate" Hadron Quark, lying shamelessly
> .... and many more too numerous to list.

Here's another small sampling of "Hadron's" level of discourse.

There is no way this fellow is not absolutely loony-tunes.


Please post links to lies please.
Putting low brow knuckle draggers like you right is not telling lies.
   -- Hadron the linkage hypocrite, in
      Message-ID <gi2udj$lgb$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

You haven#t exposed any troll lies. All you have done is appear to be a
complete dickhead time and time again.
   -- Hadron the no bad-language hypocrite, in
      Message-ID <gi1ptd$931$4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Telling lies and reselling other peoples work as your own is no way to
go through life son.
   -- Hadron on Terry's upgrading and selling of Linksys routers, in
      Message-ID <gi1pkb$931$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I killfiled him ages ago when I realised he is totally and utterly
useless. 7's posts have more factual content than Willy's "me toos". So
nothing surprises me.
   -- Hadron the Hypocrite, hiding behind a killfile, in
      Message-ID <ghu1a9$1sg$4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

lets be clear about this. Roy Schestowitz and Chris "Liarmutt" Ahlstrom
are actively AGAINST people using FREE and OPEN news servers to post to
a Usenet group dedicated to discussing the benefits of Free and Open
Operating systems and software?
   -- Hadron, making things up again, in
      Message-ID <gi3tab$mvk$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

You are, of course, totally wrong. I contribute to a few OSS projects
and Debian Lenny (testing) in particular. Clearly not using Hadron since
you loonies would flood the bug channels.
   -- Hadron, boasting and insulting, but still in Anonymous Coward mode, in
      Message-ID <gi4k5h$d6h$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Your alright Jack attitude is really going to hurt you in months to come
as Linux based attacks become more common. I pity your smug, self
satisfied arrogance and ineptitude. You will by playing your fiddle
while Rome burns. Take note.
   -- Hadron's dire oratory, in Message-ID <gi5g3v$6bm$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I never read so much patently made up rubbish.
   -- Hadron, talking about the wrong poster, in
      Message-ID <gi3rfl$kqd$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm fine. I don't need to suck up to students like you obviously do.
Even now you're licking his arse when its should be totally clear to you
you that Roy has his own agenda and his own automation SW. 
   -- Hadron, in Message-ID <gi63kb$f3t$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I tire of your lies and obfuscation. Some of us have Linux systems ti
use and program for. And others, you, continue to churn out your Windows
closed source SW. You are a hypocrite.  It's rare for me to walk away,
but I will do here since you are making no sense and merely keep posting
links to things which support what I said - maybe not what you WISH I
had said. Of course Liarmutt wont read anything for himself, he'll take
your word for it. Anyway he's busy snipping the netbook thread and
sucking up to Gregory Shearman wondering why on earth people would even
*want* large storage in a netbook. The COLA crystal ball is certainly
unique - it knows what everyone wants and needs and is always
wrong. Apparently a "SD chip" meets his needs! ROTFM!
   -- Hadron, either lying his ass off, or stark, raving mad, in
      Message-ID <gi8aj3$912$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Now, these are all FACTS. YOu can twist and froth all you like and tell as
many lies as you like but the links above do NOT lie. Here they are again
for anyone who doubts what a silly little man Liarmutt is and how he tries
to rewrite history when he has been found to be lying and bluffing about his
knowledge of Linux and Linux systems: You will notice that while Lianut was
flapping around like a puppy dog chasing his tail getting all excited at
"helping", I remained polite and factual and CORRECT.  Now, I know you
"advocates" hate that, but there it is.  <flips Liarmutt a doggy drop and
saunters away whistling>
   -- Internet abuser Hadron.  Copied from Google Groups.

Tell me you sycophantic little suck up and liar, where is all your self
righteous indignation and whining about being nice when you slag off
"fuckheads" who are REAL OSS developers? You know , where you got
carried away like a puppy chasing its tails and started to lecture Joerg
Schilling? Or when Willy Poaster and his gang post about Snits wife and
family? I will tell you : no where to be seen because you are a
hypocritical little arse with an agenda to show off and proclaim
yourself the group techy. Which is a laugh and a half because you're as
transparent as a window pane. 
   -- Internet abuser Hadron.  Copied from Google Groups.

EOS as far as these lightweights go. Not ONE of them posting here
contributes back to OSS: Not one. The only poster here who have seen
attempting to help others in help groups is Liarnut. And then he was off
the mark as those links I posted proved. 
   -- Internet abuser Hadron.  Copied from Google Groups.

You're a liar and a fraud. Nothing has been answered. Znu's comments
make sense but you're in suck up mode again and are too busy kissing
"advocate" arse to see the wood for the trees. But good to see you
whining FUD because you've been thoroughly out debated once more and
shown to be the fickle little lickspittle that you are. 
   -- Internet abuser Hadron.  Copied from Google Groups.

And you use and program Windows NOW!  Have you no integrity or decency?  At
the time (almost 2 years ago) I freely admitted to dual booting as I
experimented with first Ubuntu and then Debian.  YOU KNOW this full well.
Why are you such a dishonest piece of crap? 
   -- Internet abuser Hadron.  Copied from Google Groups.

Way to twist it Liarnut. God you're a dishonest POS.  No ask Liarnut what
his closed source commercial SW company offers back. I will tell you.
   -- Internet abuser Hadron.  Copied from Google Groups.

Everything you say is overshadowed by your COLA persona of liar and arse
kisser.  You're a piece of work Liarmutt. You know full well I know Debian
very well and here you are sucking up to a useless prick like High Plains
Hypocrite making out I know nothing. And why? God knows.  I can not recall
the last subject involving technical issues with Linux where I was wildly
incorrect or wrong. And you know it. I was right about CUPS. And you know
it. I was right about NVidia and you know it. I could go on. All High Plains
Hypocrite does is post his stupid FAQ.  But I enjoy the gang bringing it on
- it's hilarious.
   -- Internet abuser Hadron.  Copied from Google Groups.

No. You are dishonest. The worst of the worst because you have a modicum of
knowledge. But you lie and twist to make yourself out to be some sort of OSS
Wizard using your Vim etc. But the facts are there. You have tripped over
yourself too often to be taken seriously.  Your name is Liarnut. And for
good reason. 
   -- Internet abuser Hadron.  Copied from Google Groups.

If *anyone* had any doubt as to what a pathetic little suck up you are, then
this attempt to defend stealing that gmail address is it. 
   -- Internet abuser Hadron.  Copied from Google Groups.

It really is quite unbelievable. He uses Linux ONLY to make money off it,
gives NOTHING back to the OSS community AND tells lies to make himself
appear some sort of group luminary. Who does he think is is kidding? Does
he think our newsreaders do not maintain threads? Like Liarnut does he
think he can rewrite history? 
   -- Internet abuser Hadron.  Copied from Google Groups.

You are a liar and a fraud. It was not me you referred to as a fuckhead.
Calling you out on your distortions is not acting like an asshole.  Want an
asshole? See who supports your posts. 
   -- Internet abuser Hadron.  Copied from Google Groups.

I can confirm that Andrew is indeed a hypocrite and freetard.
   -- Hadron, "True Linux Advocate"

Although he does have a point about vi. vi is garbage. And the only
people who stick with it do it for "kewl" points. It comes with a free
pony tail and bad breath. I dare you to Google up how often Ahlstrom
mentions vim to fellow advocates for hardcore points. You will be

The colatards don't believe in fixing issues or recognising areas of
weakness. They think if you find or the other then you should start your
own distro. They're fucking idiots to a man.
The problem for arses like Liarnut and Willy Poaster is that suddenly
all these improvements and fixes highlight the fact they are dishonest

You of all people should STFU when it comes to "bullying". You are on record
for swearing and taunting OSS developers. You are on record as denying my
knowledge about Debian and calling me a liar (as I am on you!  :-;), you are
on record as calling me a "cunt". I could go on. You were also pretty much
sucking up when the "advocates" kept referencing (seeding Google) against
Snits job/career and family.
   Hadron, a bully complaining about being bullied, and otherwise lying

And yes, I too have the msttcorefonts installed - pretty much a must for
web rendering.
   Hadron, not realizing ttf-liberation is installed by his "Debian"

It's got to be time for another "Colatard Roundup". Those names above are
a good start!
Poaster, Marti and WronG!
   Hadron, another hi kwality advocacy post

You freetards are clueless. Get out of your Mom's basement and get a job
you slimy little freetard you.

I have a formidable background in machine code/assembler and so can
explain how pointers work in a manner which might make it clearer to you
since you are clearly confused.

A:	Go west, young man, go west!
Q:	What do wabbits do when they get tiwed of wunning awound?

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