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[News] How Palm's New Phones Constitute a Win for Linux

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Palm webOS: The Other Linux Phone Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| While Android has enjoyed the lime-light of being the “open source, linux 
| based” mobile platform — and it is all of that and more, the Palm webOS is 
| heavily invested in Linux  



Palm's Linux secret makes the Pre

,----[ Quote ]
| You're lucky that you missed the review I had written of Palm's Pre after
| working with it for six weeks. I couldn't see the attraction. The $299 that
| Sprint charges to let you out of the store with the Pre isn't justified by
| the phone's out-of-the-box features, and the anemic App Catalog presents few
| opportunities to elevate the device to the capabilities of others in its
| lofty price range. The Pre isn't a bad phone, but it's simply not worth the
| $200 to $250 premium over the BlackBerry Curve, the T-Mobile G1, and the
| iPhone 3G.


Palm's Mojo Risin'

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm issued a public release of the Mojo software development kit for its new
| webOS operating system, in what could possibly be a response to leaks of the
| SDK in June. The SDK, given a limited release in April, had been slated for
| public release by the end of summer. Palm's take is that the public release
| follows the success of its early access program. "After a successful early
| access program, Palm's Mojo Software Development Kit is available to all
| interested app developers," begins the announcement on Palm's blog by Online
| Communications Director Jon Zilber.


Palm Pre Dances Nicely with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Fortunately, there are options that work quite well on most mainstream Linux
| distributions. Rhythmbox is the default music player for Ubuntu, and it
| recognizes the Palm Pre as a music device.


Palm Pre sold 300,000 in June

,----[ Quote ]
| THE PALM PRE smartphone seems to be selling very well, according to Charter
| Equity Research.
| By ringing up a few of its mates in the channel, the analyst outfit has
| worked out that sales into the channel in June were more than 300,000 units.


Palm Pre: The official Cool Tools review

,----[ Quote ]
| What it is: The touchscreen Pre is Palm's latest entrant into the smartphone
| market, and includes all of the features users would expect from today's
| smartphones: a compact size, e-mail access (including Exchange), Web browser,
| multimedia (music and videos) player, digital camera, embedded GPS and the
| ability to download new applications directly through an app store.
| Differences from the iPhone include a physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and
| the ability to keep multiple applications open simultaneously.

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