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[News] Latest Victory for Linux (on Phones): Sprint

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Sprint To Offer Android Phone In 2009 

,----[ Quote ]
| The move is another sign that the Linux-based OS is picking up some steam, 
| and Google said it expects up to 20 handsets to be released by the end of the 
| year. Because it is a free OS, some of these handsets will be from relatively 
| unknown manufacturers, but Android has drawn interest from top-five cell 
| phone makers like Samsung, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson.     


Tether an Android Phone Using Proxoid

,----[ Quote ]
| Meet Proxoid, a proxy server application that lets you use your phone as a 
| modem without hacking its system. Making Proxoid work does require a few 
| steps, but the entire process is simple enough even for uninitiated users. 
| Here is how to make Proxoid work with an Ubuntu-based system.    



Google Gives Android Developers a Donut

,----[ Quote ]
| According to multiple reports, Google is now offering developers a crack at
| some Android 2.0 features at the Android code repository. Android 2.0, which
| was codenamed "Donut," was discussed at the Google I/O developer conference
| earlier this year. To listen to what Google had to say, watch the following
| clip (the Android part starts a couple minutes in).


Android Is Still Headed Beyond Just Smartphones

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier this month, when Google announced its Chrome OS and made clear that
| it is headed for netbooks, the news curbed many of the predictions people
| were making about the Android operating system's prospects on netbooks.
| Google officials made clear that they were steering Android toward
| smartphones. That hasn't stalled all of the efforts to bring Android to
| platforms other than smartphones, though. As PC World points out, device
| maker Touch Revolution is working on several types of touch-screen devices
| based on Android, including a line of cutting-edge remote controls for homes.
| Meanwhile, Japan's OESF (Open Embedded Software Foundation) continues to push
| forward with plans to deliver devices running Android as an embedded
| operating system.


The Android OS comes to the PC

,----[ Quote ]
| GOOGLE'S MOBILE PHONE operating system called Android has come to the PC in a
| LiveCD version.
| A couple of blokes have recompiled the OS so it's capable of running on a
| common x86 platform. This is just in time to see what Android is really like,
| before Acer, Asus, MSI and others officially release their netbooks with the
| operating system preloaded on them.

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