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[News] Computer Magazine Recommends GNU/Linux for Audio Studio

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Build A Real Time Audio Studio

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is a fantastic platform for audio production. Find out how to build the 
| perfect production environment. 
| [...]
| ALSA, or the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, sits within the Linux kernel 
| itself as a series of hardware drivers. Audio data is passed from ALSA to the 
| user-level applications that manipulate the audio. But despite this low level 
| integration and a built-in potential for good low latency performance, most 
| default Linux installations make poor audio production computers. That’s 
| because there’s still too much going on in the background, and too many 
| throwbacks from the time when Linux was designed primarily for server 
| installation.       
| Luckily, Linux is a highly configurable operating system, and this means that 
| you can create the perfect audio platform just by making a few tweaks. We’ve 
| chosen the latest version of Ubuntu to be our guinea pig.  



Little Boxes: Audio Production Hardware At Studio Dave

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux sound software has been the foundation of my music studio since the
| late 1990s, but as we all know, that software won't produce so much as a peep
| without the right hardware. Setting up a stable Linux system for audio
| production can be problematic enough, and the wrong decision about your
| hardware can render your otherwise powerful system mute and tuneless. This
| article briefly describes some of the audio production hardware I've acquired
| and employed here at Studio Dave during the last ten years. I hope that my
| readers find this information helpful when making their own decisions about
| their audio hardware purchases.


The November Cornucopia: One Month In Linux Audio

,----[ Quote ]
| This week I'm your straight reporter bringing you news of
| of updates, upgrades, and new releases in the world of
| Linux audio software. Development in this world is
| continuously productive, so I'll present only a selection
| of the Linux sound and music applications and utilities
| announced in the month of November in the year 2008.


Audio/Visual Synthesis: The New Arts, Part 2


Audio/Visual Synthesis For Linux: The New Art, Part 1


Five of the Best Linux Audio Players

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