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[News] [Rival] Why Linus Torvalds is Wrong About Microsoft

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Yes Linus, Microsoft hating is a disease. And it's a pandemic

,----[ Quote ]
| Torvalds seemed to express indifference to the submission which he dismissed 
| as only being about device drive code. If he looks at it at all it will be 
| after it has been filtered through others, and even then only out of a sense 
| of “morbid curiosity” apparently. The code is concerned with virtualizing 
| GNU/Linux as a guest in Windows. That tells you a lot about Microsoft’s 
| motives. If clients can’t run GNU/Linux on Hyper-V, Windows’ virtualization 
| software, it makes it more likely that they would migrate to wholly free and 
| open source systems running on wholly free and open systems.       



Interview with Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| DW: What are the most exciting things coming up in the Linux kernel?
| LT: The things I personally care about tend to not even be on the radar of
| most people. The changes to the very lowest levels of the suspend and resume
| model are an example of something I look at closely and think are
| interesting. Most other people don't think that kind of thing matters - at
| least as long as we don't break their laptops suspending ;) Of the actual
| stuff that has any visible impact to users, I guess the interesting area is
| that we're getting all these next-generation file systems and they're going
| to battle it out. "ext4 vs Btrfs in the thunderdome."

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