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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Up to New Tricks in the EU

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Microsoft on the Cusp

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, as I've noted several times before, such “reasonable and 
| non-discriminatory” terms aren't necessarily much use to free software, since 
| they can be both and still incompatible with major licences like the GNU GPL.  
| [...]
| This seems to mean that free software projects will be able to pay a 
| relatively small upfront fee, with no per copy licensing – necessary to allow 
| copies to be made and passed on without worrying about such fees.  


Microsoft's EC proposals now include ODF and interoperability

,----[ Quote ]
| Moody believes that, given the detail of these proposals, Microsoft already 
| had these plans in place before they made the original proposal and that it 
| was "being as awkward as possible". Despite the commitment to ODF as a 
| document format, there are still issues over interoperability with Microsoft 
| applications and other applications which produce and consume ODF documents.     


Parsing the Microsoft - EU Interoperability Commitment

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week, Microsoft and the EU each announced that they had reached a 
| proposed settlement of the various anticompetition law violation claims that 
| had been brought against Microsoft by the EC.  If you've been reading the 
| reams of articles that have been written since then, you may have noticed 
| that the vast majority of the virtual ink spent on the story has been 
| directed at the terms relating to browser choice.  Typically, and as an 
| afterthought, most of these stories have added a brief mention that a 
| settlement has also been provisionally reached relating to "another" dispute, 
| this one relating to interoperability.        


Killer Rabbits

,----[ Quote ]
| Essentially, the news are about Microsoft discussing OpenOffice.org as a 
| competitor. That’s interesting, usually Microsoft does not like to speak 
| about competitors coming from the Free Software Community, except when it’s 
| about patents on code it allegedly infringes.   



Why Microsoft Hates - No, *Really* Hates - ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| What this means is that Microsoft is only making big money on its Office
| suite, for whose luxurious margins it must therefore fight tooth and nail.
| Which, judging by its behaviour at the ISO, and some more recent stories, is
| exactly what it is doing in the face of growing pressure from open ODF-based
| alternatives like OpenOffice.org.

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