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[News] 'Open Source' Uses as a PR Ploy by Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit

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Parsing the “open” in Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| It’s not necessarily surprising that during the week of O’Reilly’s Open 
| Source Convention (aka OSCON), companies release open source code — just as 
| they often release flashy consumer products during tradeshows to garner the 
| most buzz from contingent news cycles.   
| [...]
| Adobe and Microsoft are now engaged in similar forms of open-washing, 
| applying the tastes-great, less-filling label, while doing everything they 
| can to maintain their control and dominance in a given area — further 
| cementing the historic distinction between “free” and “open”.   


Intuit launches open source community

,----[ Quote ]
| Intuit, the makers of popular Quicken and Quickbooks software, today 
| announced the out-of-beta launch of code.intuit.com, an open-source community 
| where users can share information to enhance SaaS apps via the Intuit Partner 
| Platform, announced last month.   



When Would You Use OOXML and When ODF? -- What is OOXML For?

,----[ Quote ]
| Can anyone tell me what OOXML is for, other than for opening legacy Microsoft
| documents? What else is it for? When would you choose OOXML and when would
| you choose ODF, if you were, let's say, a government or a government agency?
| [...]
| Rick Jelliffe recently said that OOXML "is fundamentally intended to document
| a format for a pre-existing technology and feature set of recent proprietary
| systems."
| Gulp. How is that a proper purpose for an "open" standard?
| Well, leave that aside for the moment. Let's assume that you are a government
| or an agency and you really want to make sure all citizens can access
| documents and interface with them, including GNU/Linux users and Microsoft
| users? Then when would you use one or the other?



Microsoft markets well (Is Aras an OSS marketing ploy?)

,----[ Quote ]
| Riddle me this: how does a small company that is an all MS
| development shop, with a press release or news piece every 2-3
| months get that kind of PR? My guess is that the Microsoft
| machine kicked in--portraying Microsoft (and Microsoft
| technologies) as legitimate open source community members.
| The whole thing is a sham, but great marketing.

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