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[News] Australia Healthcare and a Little of Free Software

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An open source movement in health information? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Today's Report of the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission, "A 
| Healthier Future For All Australians: Final Report," makes the e-health 
| system a central plank in the future of health management in Australia.  



Should Health Care Standards be Open Source?

,----[ Quote ]
| My argument is that the $100 really isn’t the point, but it is the lack of
| access, the lack of “eyeballs” that this situation causes acts as an
| impediment to health care transformation.  The fact that Jack, the computer
| science undergraduate, can’t just go download a copy and start building the
| next big Health 2.0 company should be a real source of concern.  I’d argue
| that the total openness of protocols such as HTTP, and TCP/IP is one of the
| key reasons why the Internet itself works and is generally interoperable.
| In the words of Linus Trorvalds, “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are
| shallow”.


Open-Source Speech Recognition Platform – Simon Unveiled

,----[ Quote ]
| An open-source speech recognition platform called ‘Simon’ has been developed
| under the General Public License (GPL), in order to serve people with
| locomotor and cognitive dysfunctions with an advanced speech recognition
| system (SRC).
| In general, speech recognition is a process of converting an acoustic signal
| (captured by a microphone or a telephone) to a set of words. Some of the
| speech recognition applications include voice dialing, call routing,
| content-based spoken audio search, simple data entry, preparation of
| structured documents and speech-to-text processing.



Asterisk Fuels Speech Technologies

,----[ Quote ]
| It should be noted that Sphinx is an open-source speech recognition
| engine but as the execs at LumenVox tell me, they took Sphinx and
| added 30-35 years of development to make it commercial grade and
| easier to program with.


Automatic speech recognizer claims 98% accuracy

,----[ Quote ]
| Fonix Speech has updated its automatic speech recognition
| (ASR) software that runs on Linux, among other OSes. The
| company claims that VoiceIn SE 4.1 boosts recognition by
| 24 percent, to accuracy rates as high as 98 percent, and
| offers significantly improved recognition accuracy in
| "noise-saturated" environments.


Improving Open Source Speech Recognition

,----[ Quote ]
| We are essentially creating a user-submitted repository of the
| 'source' speech audio for the creation of Acoustic Models to be
| used by Speech Recognition Engines. The Speech Audio files will
| then be 'compiled' into Acoustic Models for use with Open Source
| Speech Recognition engines such as Sphinx, HTK, CAVS and Julius."


Fonix Releases Linux-Supported Automatic Speech Recognition Technology

,----[ Quote ]
| "The end result is an SDK with considerably higher rates of speech
| recognition and greater usability as a language learning tool."

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