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[News] Google Wave Source Code is Released

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Want Google Wave Now? PyGoWave’s the Next Best Thing

,----[ Quote ]
| We already know that beginning September 30th, 100,000 invites to Google Wave 
| will be released. But that’s a full two months away – what if you just can’t 
| wait anymore to get your hands on Google WaveGoogle WaveGoogle Wave?   


Google Open Sources Heart and Soul of Google Wave Code

,----[ Quote ]
| Google programmers open source two components of the Google Wave messaging 
| and collaboration prototype. One includes the Operational Transform, which 
| forms the complex center of the Wave model. Google Wave is an example of the 
| Pushbutton Web, where real-time communications rule the roost.   


Google open sources Wave components 



Google Wave Extensions: An Inside Look

,----[ Quote ]
| It’s undeniable: Google Wave has captured the imagination of techies, social
| media enthusiasts, and web users everywhere. Its combination of email,
| real-time chat, wiki tools, and social networking have generated an
| incredible amount of buzz.


Will Google Wave revolutionise free software collaboration?

,----[ Quote ]
| If you haven’t heard yet, Google have released a developer preview of their
| new social networking and collaboration tool - Wave. What impact might this
| have on free software users and developers?
| Wave is what Google call a “a new tool for communication and collaboration on
| the web”. Think of it as a cross between e-mail, social networking, IM, IRC
| and Twitter. It not only gives (or to be fair will give) ways to communicate
| but gives instant feedback to other participants. Using the basis of a wave
| as a conversation, it allows others in your conversation to see what you are
| writing in real-time, as you write it. No more having to wait while your IM
| buddy finishes her message. Wave also allows — in the same tool — bulletin
| board-style messaging for participants to follow when they log back in. It
| has nice features which permit you to respond to different parts of a message
| in-line and in-context. New participants can be brought in at any time and
| not only get the full history of the “wave” but can “playback” the wave as it
| happened, seeing who wrote what when and in chronological order.

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