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[News] Why Desktop GNU/Linux Still Has the Upper Hand

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Why should Linux aim for the desktop?

,----[ Quote ]
| It is my personal opinion that Linux should be targeting the desktop. My 
| reasons are that, due to the way the operating system is designed, depending 
| on how the distribution is configured, Linux for the desktop is inherently 
| more stable and secure than the average configured windows desktop 
| installation. Maintenance and support of desktop Linux systems are more 
| straight forward and are easier to remotely maintain without interrupting the 
| end users work. It is harder for amateur malicious programs to gain a 
| foothold in the guts of the operating system. At worst they will just mess up 
| the users home directory, not the core operating system. Program and security 
| updates are automatically managed across all installed programs from the 
| official repositories which leaves less to chance for malicious programs to 
| fall through operating system cracks.            



Cost is just a part of the value equation

,----[ Quote ]
| There is a two-horse race in the market, wherein one segment is dominated by
| the Windows platform while the other caters to the Linux platform in terms of
| market share, unit shipment, revenue, etc. If you look at Linux, Red Hat has
| pretty much emerged as the biggest player in this space and, depending upon
| which geography you are in, the numbers are as high as 95%.

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