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[News] How Windows Habits and Flaws Create Misconceptions About GNU/Linux

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Does Linux Have a 'Safe Mode'? 

,----[ Quote ]
| The moral to this story is that people often associate the unknown with their 
| problems. Linux was the thing that was different for him and, of course, it 
| was to blame for his problem.  



Quit smoking and other ways to keep healthy with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Ah, Linux! Is there anything it can't do? Not only can you surf the Internet,
| write documents and calculate taxes, here's how Linux also wants to look
| after your health and well-being, including getting you off cigarettes and
| avoiding repetitive strain injury.
| This month’s theme is “I didn’t know you could do that in Linux” and todays
| is possibly somewhat light hearted but the message is a sound one.
| Everyone knows the card game Solitaire. It’s often among the six
| most-recently used apps in Windows XP and Windows Vista’s start menu list.
| There’s even an old joke depicting an office worker laying cards across his
| table while complaining that the computers had broken down and he has to do
| everything by hand.


Linux is Making Me Fat and Lazy

,----[ Quote ]
| Because of Linux I hardly have to lift a finger anymore, and because of it my
| health is suffering. I rarely hop up and down in a fit of temper, I don't
| have to drive to the store to buy software, and I don't get the aerobic
| benefits of spending hours on the phone with tech support, breathing hard and
| accelerating my heartbeat. I rarely make site visits anymore. I don't even
| leave my chair, because I log in and do fixes and admin chores from home. I
| even have my remaining tiny herd of Windows users (close relatives only who
| bribe me handsomely) set up with VNC over SSH, Cygwin/SSH, or rdesktop. I
| alone have the passwords, mwahaha.

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