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Re: [News] Another Migration of Schools to GNU/Linux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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Schools rebooting with Linux system

,----[ Quote ]
| In early 2008, School District No. 33 trustees voted to replace virtually all | 1,200-or-so computers Chilliwack elementary school students were using for a | cost about $600,000. | | The major challenge, beyond replacing the equipment, has been making sure the | students and staff know how to use the new gear--more specifically the new | computers' operating system. `----


Chilliwack is in British Columbia, Canada. These are Mac to Linux migrations. 5000 students. $500 per computer. Some schools in the district opted to stay with Mac, but the article doesn't say whether they are getting new Macs or keeping their old ones. Some schools in the district decided to buy new Windows machines.


AT: Vienna to teach its public servants about open source desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| In an emailed statement, Marie Ringler, local Green Party councillor involved
| in the proposal, said: "If we want to switch to GNU/Linux and other open
| source applications, we should take the fears and concerns of our users
| seriously. Future open source users should be better informed."


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