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[News] GPL Haters and Mono/Microsoft Lovers Start Flagging So-called 'Purists'

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Purists and Pragmatists and Zealots, Oh My!

,----[ Quote ]
| I didn’t make it to OSCON this year (thanks for everyone who voted for us for 
| the CCA, by the way, even though we lost out again to Firebird) and I am 
| quietly thankful for it, because it seems like the conference kicked off a 
| new round of hyperbole and hypocrisy from the fauxpen source crowd and I’m 
| going to try to stay out of it (instead of any kind of rational discussion, 
| this round seems even more full of ad hominem attacks).     


Open source advocates still called zealots

,----[ Quote ]
| We are no longer talking about something that is unproven, or risky. The open 
| source model is a decade old. It has already saved enterprises, small 
| businesses, and individuals literally billions of dollars. It has empowered 
| programmers, it has built new fortunes. It’s not communism, but capitalism at 
| its very best.    
| Taking this good news to Washington so I, as a taxpayer, can join in the 
| savings is celebration-worthy, not an excuse for snark. 



Why the GNU GPL v3 Matters Even More

,----[ Quote ]
| This is important not just because it shows that there's considerable vigour
| in the GNU GPL licence yet, but because version 3 addresses a particularly
| hot area at the moment: software patents. The increasing use of GPL v3, with
| its stronger, more developed response to that threat, is therefore very good
| news indeed.


GPLv3 hits 50 percent adoption

,----[ Quote ]
| In July 2007, version 3 of the GNU General Public License barely accounted
| for 164 projects. A year later, the number had climbed past 2,000 total
| projects. Today, as announced by Google open-source programs office manager
| Chris DiBona, the number of open-source projects licensed under GPLv3 is at
| least 56,000.


GPLv3/AGPLv3 Adoption: If It Happened Too Fast, I'd Be Worried

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the release of GPLv3, technology pundits have been opining about how
| adoption is unlikely, usually citing Linux's still-GPLv2 status as (often
| their only) example. Even though I'm a pro-GPLv3 (and, specifically,
| pro-AGPLv3) advocate, I have never been troubled by slow adoption, as long as
| it remained on a linear upswing from release day onward (which it has).

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