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[News] Patentee Covenants (a la Mono/Moonlight) Seen as Flawed

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Why Patentees Conveying Covenants Not to Sue Should Take Another Look at the
Fine Print

,----[ Quote ]
| Patentees concerned with downstream use may want to take a closer look at the 
| terms on which they license and covenant not to sue. Very recently, on April 
| 8, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled in TransCore, Inc. 
| v. ETC Corp. that an unconditional covenant not to sue authorizes the sale of 
| a patented article, thereby exhausting patent rights in the article.[FOOTNOTE 
| 1] Although the TransCore ruling represents a logical extension of existing 
| patent exhaustion jurisprudence, it should be carefully considered when 
| drafting patent licenses and covenants not to sue.       



Banshee UI to be in Moonlight

,----[ Quote ]
| Yes. That’s right. According to the GCDS 2009 presentation notes on the
| Banshee site, we learn lots of nice stuff about Banshee:
| “It’s not just an app, it’s a platform”.
|     * Long term goal is to write the UI in Moonlight
|           o Declarative UI, canvas, scene graph, and toolkit
|           o Moonlight is an Open Source implementation of Microsoft’s
|           Silverlight technology … and it is awesome
| “Banshee is going to do photos”
| “We are re-basing the F-Spot core on top of Banshee”
| And it ends with GNOME, Mono and Banshee logos.
| Moonlight is of course, absolutely toxic unless you get it directly from
| Novell, as the so-called “covenant” specifically prohibits non-Novell
| distributions from distributing Moonlight

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