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[News] BitTorrent Servers Run Ubuntu Sometimes

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BitTorrent Behind the Scenes: BTjunkie [runs Ubuntu Linux]

,----[ Quote ]
| Millions of people use torrent sites every day, but little is known about the 
| people who operate these traffic moguls. This summer TorrentFreak will 
| feature the workstations and offices belonging to some of the leading figures 
| in the BitTorrent community, starting with the founder of BTjunkie.   



Asus Uses BitTorrent to Boost Software Downloads

,----[ Quote ]
| Asus, one of the leading computer product manufacturers, has recently started
| to offer BitTorrent powered downloads to its customers. With BitTorrent the
| company says it can speed up downloads and get software to its customers in
| less time.


BBC Gets Ready for BitTorrent Distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| Today the BBC published the first episode of R&DTV, a Creative Commons
| licensed show that users are allowed to remix, redistribute and share. The
| first episode of the monthly technology show features Digg’s Kevin Rose,
| among others. The BBC hopes to use BitTorrent for the distribution of future
| episodes.


EU Invests $22 Million in Next-Generation BitTorrent Client

,----[ Quote ]
| A few weeks ago we reported that the EU Greens launched a pro-filesharing
| campaign named “I Wouldn’t Steal”. In a continued effort to support the
| development of P2P technology, the European Union has now invested $22
| million in the development of an open-source BitTorrent client.


SXSW 2009 on BitTorrent: 6 GB of Free Music

,----[ Quote ]
| The South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival is one of the largest and most
| popular in the United States. For the fifth year in a row, SXSW has released
| a DRM-free, RIAA-safe collection of songs totaling 6 GB, which can all be
| downloaded for free, thanks to BitTorrent.

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